Photography Friday (Kinda)! At The Met

I was in NYC a few weeks ago for the first time, and spent my days pretty wisely, imo. I saw and did a lot during the three and a half days that I was there, including walking over 40 miles (including airports). One of the coolest things that The Man and I were able to check off of the list was to visit The Met. Unfortunately, we were only there for about two hours before the museum closed for the day, and that’s only enough time to see a small chunk of all of the wonderful exhibits they have. I wanted to see the Egyptian wing most of all, so that’s where most of our time (and photography) was concentrated. We also visited the Arms & Armor gallery and European Paintings 1250 – 1800, plus took a peek at the Asian ceramics lining the 2nd floor balcony. There’s sooooo much more to be seen, so definitely looking forward to taking at least one, but hopefully two days to explore The Met on my next trip!









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