Taking a Stab at a Personal Tagline

I’ve been obsessing over today’s Daily Post prompt all day, and am no closer to an answer than I was at 10am this morning. Today we’re supposed to write a tagline. For ourselves. Ack.

Since my career is actually in marketing, it’s more than a little disheartening to have absolutely no clue what to write. However, I’m consoling myself with a glass of red wine and the knowledge that it’s often much easier to determine a thing’s nature if you’re standing outside, looking in. From inside, I’m just a confusing jumble of weirdness.

When writing a tagline, it’s helpful to list out the defining properties of the entity you’re describing. For me that would be:

  • Perpetual Student (with the student loan bill to prove it)
  • Truth Seeker
  • Gypsy. In more than one sense. I hate to live in one place for very long, my greatest passion is traveling the world, and it’s been hinted that my family tree might have some Roma branches.
  • Singer, Yogi & Believer in the power of vibration. It’s a huge lesson that I keep relearning, but there’s nothing more essential than taking a second to breathe and let the goodness of life soak in.
  • Introvert with an odd, and big, sense of humor. I love things that make me laugh, and luckily, lots of things (many of them weird) do.
  • Binding agent. I’m good at figuring out people’s personalities & intentions and making them all work together. I’m also usually the first to notice subtle gestures & emotional responses. I can read everyone at the boardroom table as the meeting is taking place, and 9 out of 10 times can either explain what they’re thinking AFTER the meeting, or can shift conversation to get everyone on board DURING the meeting. It’s my superpower.
  • Genuinely Interested. In YOU! Seriously, I love finding out what makes other people laugh (and cry, though laughing is much more fun).
  • Animal Lover. Cats and dogs are so much cooler than people. Sorry people, but deep down, I’m sure you know I’m right.

The tagline should be not only a definition of the concrete aspects of the entity at hand, but also somewhat aspirational. It won’t include any of my negative aspects, like procrastination, awkward first (and second, and sometimes third) conversations, inability to pick up the telephone and call ANYONE, for ANY reason…that kind of stuff.

My greatest aspirations in life are to see the world, find my spiritual center (Truth), and meet other people who’re searching for their own Truths. I love meeting people who don’t know all of the answers, and are brave enough to admit it. In fact, the folks who have all of the answers bore the crap out of me. Either they’re cowards, liars, or stupid, and none of those states of being are worth wasting time on. (Note that I see a distinct difference between fear and unabashed cowardice. It’s healthy to fear some things, but turning a blind eye to the world out of a misshapen sense of your own importance is not exactly commendable.)

Hmmm…so we haven’t gotten any closer to my tagline.

I guess it’s also important to note that I don’t believe it’s actually possible to find Truth if you’re actively seeking it. I believe that every day is another lesson, and that they all slip past us like the finest of cobwebs – if we move too fast or grasp too strongly, we’ll destroy the message and have to wait again for the Universe to reach out again. But every breath is a new chance. Every smile is a salvation, in itself. Every personal interaction is an opportunity to be – and do – good. We are already made up of everything it takes to be our best, but it takes an entire lifetime, down to the last breath, to put all of the pieces together correctly.


Searching for Truth, one breath at a time.



I just read the coolest blog post over at Khana’s Web, where the author supports the really cool idea that a personal mantra IS a person’s tagline. My own mantra popped into my head in middle school, and has stuck with me steadfastly for all these years. In fact, though I didn’t realize it while I was writing, obviously the mantra shines through the post above. Are you ready? It’s:

Faith, Courage, Wisdom. Truth. 

To the point, and exactly where I’ve apparently stood for most – if not all – of my life.

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