All The Difference In The World

Today’s Daily Post prompt asks bloggers to write about who they believe should be nominated for TIME’s person of the year. I don’t read TIME, and traditionally have found their person of the year to be subjective and pointless. Seriously, these are the folks who chose Adolf Hitler for the honor. Not impressed.

So instead of writing a dreamy post all about what I’d do if I could rule the world, and who I’d choose to celebrate if that were the case, I want to share a company/family that truly deserve some attention & praise.

In the devastating aftermath of the Oklahoma tornadoes, I was glued to my computer screen. Though the human stories touched my heart, very quickly my focus turned towards the stories of all of the animals that had been lost (and found) as a result of the storm. It just ate at me that there was nothing much I could do, other than send money and hope for the best.

Then a FB page called Lost & Found Animals Oklahoma Tornadoes caught my eye. I started to follow the page (and still do). Animal after animal – both lost and found – was posted to the page. Animal rescue organizations shared stories and photos of the pets for which they were providing care. Individuals who had found cats, dogs, horses, pigs, birds, rabbits and more wrote in to say where they’d found the critter and who had it now. People who had lost a cat or dog and still had a photo shared in hopes that someone would recognize the animal and point them in the right direction.

And people did. Armchair searchers like me pored through photographs and matched up faces. We shared stories, hoping that some new detail would ring a bell and reunite a family. Happy pet owners and friends posted stories of their pets’ recoveries.

There were other FB pages that did the same thing, and so many people around the world were involved in the effort. The thing that makes this particular page different is that its admin, David Hendrickson, is also the owner of a really cool company called Hendrick Boards. Every purchase at Hendrick Boards benefits homeless animals. According to their site:

“Today, Hendrick Boards is realizing its vision to see a world where every animal has a loving, caring and respectful environment. Every purchase gives back to animal shelters and rescues throughout the nation – from 20% to 40% of the purchase price. For every $10 raised, together we can feed a large shelter animal for an entire month; for every $50, we can take a stray animal off the streets and into a loving home.”

That’s HUGE. And what’s even better is that this is a company that makes cool stuff that you actually want to purchase, not just sappy kitten of the month calendars or boring coffee mugs. I mean seriously, check these compassionate duds out. How could you not fall in love? TIME, are you listening?

The William Necklace, by Hendrick Boards. Click through to purchase.
The William Necklace, by Hendrick Boards. Click through to view.
$10 from your purchase of this shirt will go to help Bruce, canine victim of a hit-and-run. Click through to see how you can help.
$10 from your purchase of this shirt will go to help Bruce, canine victim of a hit-and-run. Click through to see how you can help.

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