Thirty Days Project: Days 3 & 4


I spent my entire evening making two origami models and watching Battlestar Galactica. Wish that I didn’t have “real” work to do – it was pretty much the perfect night, other than stressing about being behind on so many things as a result of my vacation over the weekend. Speaking of the vacation, I’ll be posting snapshots of my time in NYC soon (at least by Photography Friday). Can’t wait to share my trip with you guys – I dreamt about it last night, in fact 🙂

So as I mentioned in my last post, this month’s challenge is all about modular origami. I chose a couple of fun patterns to try today – a 30 unit Buckyball and a cool little diamond window cube made of 12 units. My patience was tried sorely by the second model. Weirdly, the more modules means the more practice you have, so by the end it’s all pretty familiar. Fewer modules means more irritation, in my experience. You’re “in it” long enough to just kind of get used to the motions, then it’s done. Sometimes I get about half way through a model and have to fight myself to not smash it and walk away. Origami is making me a better person. That’s evident in the fact that both of these projects turned out pretty well – no smashing involved.

Modular Origami Buckyball by Anna Harris
Modular Origami Diamond Window Cube by Anna Harris

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