Photography Friday! Week 2

The end of another long week. A lot of things happened this week, but what’s odd is that I hadn’t realized how much stuff went on until AFTER looking at all of the week’s snapshots. I’m glad that I’m doing this daily snapshot, even if I sucked at this week’s assignment. Expect another blog post tomorrow with more info on life – right now I’m tired and a little drunk, so my main imperative is to get this posted then go pass out.

Saturday, April 27: I did a little cooking, then went to get my nails done and pick up some groceries. Not a crazy exciting day, but my nails still look great, and the leek & potato soup turned out to be very delicious. *patting myself on the back*

Cutting Leeks, by Anna Harris
Cutting leeks for leek & potato soup.
Leek Flower, by Anna Harris
I got a little crazy with my scraps…
Particularly Helpful Sign
Walgreens moved down the street. On the sign they left behind, someone handwrote “Where’s Sally?” Some other very helpful person actually took the time to answer (with directions to the nearest Sally Beauty Supply, which is right next to the Walgreens in the Riverbend neighborhood).
Calandiva blossoms at Whole Foods.

Sunday, April 28th: The Man, his brother, niece, mom, dad and I all went to the Audubon Aquarium together. I was mostly unimpressed. I want to go to a bigger aquarium, preferably one with touch tanks. Either way, we all saw lots of cool stuff, and Annabelle loved it. That’s really all that matters. Oh, yeah, I ate a HUGE sundae from Haagen Daas, but I forgot to take a picture of it. It was chocolate cookie dough ice cream with cookie bits and hot caramel sauce. Amazeballs.

The Man's brother Michael and his daughter, Annabelle.
The Man’s brother Michael and his daughter, Annabelle.



Gulf of Mexico Sponsored By
Oh sure, go ahead and rub it in.

Monday, April 29th: Just one of the things I normally see on my walk to work.

No Parking

Tuesday, April 30th: Another sight from my daily walk home from work.


Thursday, May 2nd: It rained all day, but the clouds had begun to clear by the time I walked home. Here’s what I saw.

Looking Down St. Joseph St., by Anna Harris
The view from Magazine & St. Joseph Streets, New Orleans

Friday, May 3rd: Friends from my freshman year in college are in town right now, and called to invite me out for drinks. When they showed up, there were several girls with them that I didn’t know. As it turned out, instead of just three girls I haven’t seen for ten years, there were a dozen girls, and it was one of my friends’ bachelorette party. No one bothered to tell me until I showed up. I didn’t even know she was engaged. It was a little awkward. I’m so fucking tired of people getting married and having babies. If you could all just put that kind of activity on hold for a year or two and let me get my bearing, that would be great…

Weird poster at The Balcony Bar in New Orleans.
Poster at The Balcony Bar

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