Photography Friday!

Welcome back, loyal readers! I just got back from an intense, four-day tech conference at which I was informed of the error of my online ways. Some changes are in the works, but it might take awhile to clean up my act. Since most of my effort needs to be devoted to web clients, my personal channels will undergo gradual change over the next few months. These are all good, happy changes, so I’m looking forward to putting all of these new tips and tricks to work for everyone’s benefit.

For starters, though, I’m going to begin being a bit more structured with my blog posts. From now on, we’re going to be celebrating Photography Friday, a collection of photos from the past seven days. Every Friday I’ll post at least seven photos, maybe more if I did particularly fun things over the course of the week.

On Sunday, I spent a few hours talking with some clients at their shop, a lovely Asian antiques shop called Silk Road Collection. We spent time discussing all of the great activities the company has planned over the next two months, but also just shooting the breeze. I adore beautiful old Chinese decor, and feel so at home in their beautiful showroom, so I took a little bit of time to walk around and take snapshots of my favorite items…

Chinese Soldier Statue, Silk Road Collection, New Orleans
A Chinese soldier stands guard to the back garden.
Buddha, Silk Road Collection, New Orleans
Everything’s A-OK.
Buddha Silhouette, Silk Road Collection, New Orleans
Buddha watches over the showroom floor.
Carved Wood Saints from the Philippines, at Silk Road Collection, New Orleans
Carved religious icons from the Philippines

From Monday through Thursday, I was lucky to attend the 2013 Pubcon South conference. My team just found out about this opportunity last minute, and because he’s awesome, my boss paid for me to take four days off to go fill my head with all kinds of dreamy geeky subject matter. I took so many great courses, and even got to meet some people that I’ve admired as real life social media superstars from afar for the last few years.

The biggest bits of takeaway, for me, were that 1) I’m spread way too thin, and it’s OK for me to feel that way, because 2) Content creation can be a full time job at ONE company, and I have almost 10 companies to take care of by myself. Also, I learned that I’m drastically underpaid for the amount of work I do, to the tune of “I’m making 1/10th of what I should be making in this industry” underpaid. Don’t worry – I’m already working on that.

Pubcon New Orleans 2013
I loved all of the sessions on content strategy, creation & management. Lots of the information was just fun and colorful, like this cool session on what “sells” social media posts – food is HUGE!
Movie Set Directional, New Orleans
It was very cold in the convention center, so cold that one of my fellow conventioneers mused how warm and cosy it would be to just pour his coffee over himself instead of drinking it. On Tuesday after leaving the center, I ran into this sign, a movie set directional poster (film crews use these signs – normally using a codeword, but sometimes a movie title acronym – to help cast & crew find sets around town). It was too funny to pass up. Wonder what movie it’s for?
Anna in New Orleans
A self portrait, taken on Wednesday. Note my awesome purple headphones AND purple tech bag. The sculpture just visible behind me is part of an installation of five giant globe shapes bearing striated patterns that look like fingerprints. They’re located on Convention Center Blvd., directly across from the New Orleans Convention Center.

Yesterday (Thursday) was the last day of the conference, and on my way to the convention center I saw this really cool piece of graffiti. It’s kind of Banksy-esque. I did a little bit of research online to see if I could find an associated artist, but that’s the thing with street art. If you’ve seen this before, or you know the artist, feel free to let me know in the comments section!

New Orleans Graffiti Art Louis Armstrong
This graffiti art of a trumpet player (maybe Louis Armstrong?) is tucked away on the side of a building on Calliope Street.

Last night The Man thought it would be funny to dress my cat Isabel up in a scarf. As you can see in the photo, the “scarf” in question was actually a sock. I have an aversion to touching dirty socks – yes, I know how weird that sounds, but as the only child of a prankster dad, you’d be surprised how often I was surprised and otherwise tortured with smelly socks as a kid. So here I am, watching my cat run around with a stupid sock tied around her neck, too grossed out to take it off, squealing for The Man (who was laughing hysterically, I might add) to take it off. Luckily, Izzy was not only OK with wearing a sock scarf, she was delighted with her new hipster gear. She pranced around for almost fifteen minutes, purring and showing off her odd neckwear, proving again that cats are so weird. (Note: I’m very conscious of choking hazards, and was with her the entire time. I would never put a non-detachable collar on my cats, and I urge that you also research the danger of restrictive neckwear and other costume items for pets.)

Izzy in a scarf

Today I went to the grocery store. Definitely the least exciting thing about my week, but my favorite photos of the collection.

Artichokes at Rouse’s Supermarket – today they’re .97 cents apiece.
A sea of artichokes – the perfect shade of green.
Fresh Veggies
The produce section!

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