The “Monthly Challenge” Challenge

Forgive me folks, but I’m still on vacation and writing from my Kindle, so this is going to have to stay short. However, last night I was idly considering some basic plans I had for the year, and thought it might be cool to get a head start. For the last few months I had a few ideas in mind for my life, just things that others have inspired me to pursue, without them even knowing they influenced me, maybe.

First off, there’s this other blogger I follow and admire named Phil. I’ll ad a link to his blog later, once I get back to my real computer. Phil chooses a new goal, or challenge, every month, and blogs about his experiences with whatever  it is he has chosen to do. I used to do the same thing a few years ago on another blog, then fell out of the habit. However, it was so fun, and Phil’s posts are so cool, that it makes me want to revisit the concept. So I am.

This month I’m going to watch documentaries and blog about them (briefly). I’m going to aim for five a week, which sounds crazy, but that’s pretty much how much time I waste watching Netflix anyway. Today I watched “Nursery University,” about the intense and utterly ridiculous competition to get New York toddlers into overpriced pre-schools, as well as “Dolls and Murder,” which examines these dollhouse miniature murder scenes that were created in the 1930s to help advance forensic investigation techniques. Very cool stuff.

Also, in slightly related news, I’m going to try to read four books each month. Last night I finished reading “Girl of Nightmares” by Kendare Blake, and read “Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret.” By Judy Blume. Now I’m reading “The Right-Brain Business Plan,” but it’s always much more of a chore for me to slog through non fiction, plus I need to go to sleep soon if I’m going to get up and be in good shape in the morning.

Oh, yeah – one last piece of great news. I was accepted into Magick school! I applied a couple of weeks ago, and just got accepted. I’m happy to pick back up in my pagan studies, but with more structure this time.

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