Secret Santa – A 24 Hour Crafting Contest Nightmare!


Oy vey. I am in some serious trouble. A few weeks ago, what at the time seemed like the best idea ever popped into my addled brain – wouldn’t it be great if everyone in the office MADE each other holiday gifts? We could each write our name on a slip of paper, add them to the hat, and pick out a name. Then, each of us “Secret Santas” could put some good old fashioned thought and love into crafting a present for the friend we had chosen!

My coworkers all agreed, so we picked names and set about our tasks. Kind of. Well, really, not at all. As of today, no one in the office has started their present. The office holiday party is tomorrow morning. Hmmm.

So, here’s what’s got to happen:

1) I’m not making anything out of origami (everyone expects it already, so I’m going to avoid it for the most part).

2) I’ve got a good idea of what I’m going to make – luckily, I happened to pick a coworker with an obsession that I can play off of.

3) Now I’ve got to get all of the bits and pieces that will make up my project. It looks amazing in my mind, but I know that my ability level is nowhere near my imagination’s capability.

4) I’ll make a second present that can’t possibly go awry, so that if the first one ends up being a complete goopy mess, I can still fall back on the tried-and-true.

Can’t wait to see what kind of disaster I can create! Yay!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. craftynail says:

    Better get movin on that! Good luck!
    My office started a yearly tradition where we have a gift exchange…ya know the kind where you pick a number and then select a gift or steal soneone eles? Well we decided to only bring ‘recycled gifts’… so bring either something u have and dont want anymore…or maybe a re-gift. Its kinda fun cuz you never know what crap u will get stuck with! Lol

  2. craftynail says:

    Darn nook. I made a serious typo there!

  3. Anna says:

    I love that idea! It’s so funny seeing what some people’s relatives (normally not friends) buy them for Christmas. I recently dug a whole box of last year’s worst-ever presents out from under the bed and listed it on Ebay as a “junk drawer lot.” You’d be surprised how much people will pay for a bunch of random crap!

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