Thirty Days of Origami – Day #27: Traditional Origami Vase

69396_10151259709499086_1947961843_n16079_10151259709639086_1480138678_nTraditional Origami Vase

I’m catching up! Which is a good thing, considering that tomorrow is the end of the challenge. Man, this has been one hell of a month – and I’m so glad that I did it. Can’t wait to keep going with making new origami. It’s really been great for me – it’s a wonderful way to relax, to keep my creative juices flowing, and to hone my attention to detail.

This pattern was one of the first ones that I ran across at the beginning of the month and really wanted to do, but just couldn’t get over how many steps it took. All in all I think there are 42 individual creases, and 23 steps to making this cute little vessel out of just one sheet of 6″ square paper. This is one that I’ll keep working at getting perfect, because it’s not quite as pretty as I’d like. I’m picturing using a scrap from a brown paper bag to make this one – it would look more earthy, like a real Japanese vase.

If you’d like to make this one yourself, there are great photos for every step on Origami Instructions.

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