Thirty Days of Origami – Day #23: Origami 5-Petal Flower


This modular 5-petal flower was designed by Tomoko Fuse, and was pretty easy to put together. Thank goodness for great sites like Origami Instructions, though, or else I probably would have had a hard time with this one. Not sure I like it that much, now that it’s done – it doesn’t lay flat against a surface, but has a weird ripple effect where some of the petals end up sticking up at a little bit of an angle. Most people would probably find that to be a nice touch, a little bit more dynamic, but it just annoys me. Also, I used 6″ squares for this one, and would have been much better off with 3″ squares or maybe even something tinier. If I do them again, I think I’ll try 3″ or less, and try making a bouquet, so that the movement of the piece doesn’t irritate me as much.

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