Thirty Days of Origami – Days #17 & #18: Modular Box & Trays

This box has four modules that join together to make a really sturdy structure in the end. It’s pretty tough to figure out how to get the last piece in, though, and you have to manhandle it a bit to make it happen. Pretty nerve-wracking process…

These two little triangle trays can be used separately or can fit into the modular box (provided you size them correctly, which I did not.)
The blue tray was just a smidge too big, so now even though they both fit into the box, it skews the box a bit…oh well!

Yesterday’s project was taken from Tomoko Fuse’s book “Joyful Origami Boxes,” and let me tell you now that the process of making these was slightly less than joyful. It was more in the range of extremely irritating, actually. I’ll complain more later, though – too busy today.

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