Thirty Days of Origami – Day #2 (Origami Owl)

Hmmm. This one wasn’t hard, exactly – just confusing. That’s probably because I started out reading the instructions here, then supplemented in difficult parts with a video on making an origami owl. Both sources were great, but overall the video was a little more helpful for a newbie like me, and had I continued watching until the end, the ears wouldn’t be almost non-existent.

Overall, it turned out fine – I mean really, you guys see an owl, right? However, I feel like it’s important to note that I did something wrong in the beginning and didn’t have creases on the inside when I went to fold the wings out, so they’re a little weird looking. Also, I was supposed to cut slits for the ears, then fold them up, but I didn’t understand the diagram and did it wrong. That’s OK, though, because in the end this exercise taught me to watch/read all of the instructions first, then move ahead confidently.

Also, I learned that there IS a use for an origami triangle box (completed a few days before the 30 Days Project began) – hot tub for an origami owl!

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