The Conversation…

Me: Hey, how was your day?

Him: OK

(minutes-long pause as I wait for him to follow up)


Me: OK, so did anything interesting happen today?

Him: No

(another minutes-long pause, after which I decide to take a shower and get in a better mood before following this non-conversation any further)


20 minutes later…

Me: (drying off after the shower) Anything on the docket for this evening?

Him: No – you hear about anything?

Me: No. I asked around at the office, but nothing’s really going on tonight.

Him: Oh. (another long pause here, *sigh*)


Me: Do you want to hang out tonight? Maybe get something to eat, or go get a drink?

Him: (bluntly, with no interest in his voice at all) What do you want to do?

Me: I dunno – just hang out with you. We could get dinner, or watch some scary movies here…

Him: (again with no interest, but a hint of exasperation) So what do you want to do?

(by this point what I want to do is avoid him for the rest of the evening at all cost, but I grit my teeth and try again)

Me: How about we go get dinner?

Him: I’m not hungry

Me: OK, let’s watch some scary movies.

Him: (makes noncommital ‘meh’ noise) What do YOU want to do?

Me: (steam pouring out of my ears) I want to type in my blog! Alone!

So that’s what I’m doing.

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