Day #24: “I Ate a Bacon Cheeseburger For Dinner” and Other Great Hits

It was the 2nd day of my studio’s 30-day Bikram Challenge, and I both made it to class and didn’t completely bomb the session. Other than that, I really screwed the pooch today. I woke up bleary-eyed and fuzzy-headed, fresh off of the sleeping pills I took at 4am to force myself to get some shuteye. I actually went to bed at a respectable time last night, but The Man slept wildly and ended up waking me up every 10 minutes or so. I got elbowed in the eye, pushed off of the bed, and otherwise smooshed in a variety of ways until he got up to go to work at 4:30. By then between the hip/back pain I normally feel, the stiffness from my first day back at yoga, and also feeling twisted and banged up from trying to sleep next to a violent dreamer all night, I ended up downing a couple of Tylenol PMs in one last attempt to sleep. It kind of worked, but when I woke up I felt so weird that it all backfired, and I “woke up” by eating half of a bag of Wavy Lay’s with Tostito’s Zesty Bean & Cheese dip. Gross.

Then at noon, The Man came home with his bags in tow, announcing that he didn’t have to live in Baton Rouge for the next 30 days after all, and he’d be dealing with hurricane damage a little closer to home. Great, but I’d already sort of gotten excited about having the bed to myself and maybe getting on decent sleep cycle again. We have got to get a King sized bed. And a house that can hold a bed of that size. Argh. Obviously I’m still sleepy and in a not so great mood right now – just ignore me.

So I went to class, and it was great. Then I came home and was thinking of not eating anything (I was already at the calorie limit with all those chips), but The Man came home and told me he wanted to order take out and watch movies. So without much coaxing at all I folded, and we ordered cheeseburgers and fries from our local dive bar. And ate them – every last bite. Needless to say, my calories are so far over. I’m going to bed now. Tomorrow’s another day of Bikram, and if my hips aren’t feeling too sore I’m going to run, as well. No more meat – I feel awful, as I knew I would. I’m not sure how to even talk about this monumentally bad decision day. Let’s just move on.

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