Smashing Wrap Up


I feel like I’m finally getting the hang of this diet & exercise thing, after years of screwing it up. It must have a lot to do with being surrounded by all the right people. My guy is super supportive now that he sees me trying hard and working at it every day. My coworkers are awesome, and when we make lunch plans they make room for my caloric needs. People on Facebook are always there with a great comment or tip, and today I even got an invite to run a 5k next month AND some personal training advice from an old college buddy. I even got enthusiastic comments from a group of people drinking outside my neighborhood bar as I ran by this evening!

Of course, there’s also lots of technology helping me out. From entering in my intake on every time food or drinks cross my lips, to blogging here and commenting here and there on Facebook, I’ve structured accountability into every move. As soon as I get my new cell phone next month, I’m going to also pick up this app called Gym Pact, that basically pays you for going to the gym. The premise is pretty simple – you bet money that you’ll make it to the gym on certain days. If you don’t go, you lose the money. However, if you do go, you not only keep money, but win a cut of whatever money was lost that day by other people. Apparently most people make around $1 or so a day. Definitely a step up from, where I was just going to the gym because I was afraid to lose money. Nothing like MAKING some dough to really get you going in the right direction.

Today I stayed within my calorie range, ate pretty healthy things, and most impressively (for me) I still got my exercise in. All day long, I was in a bit of a haze. When I’m starting my period I tend to zone out a bit, and I’m also more tired than normal just because my food intake is drastically lower than my norm. Before I started watching calories, I was eating around 2,000 a day or so, with lots of processed food and no exercise. My body is still getting used to taking in a lot less, and getting more nutrients via supplements and whole foods. All day, I was just kind of dragging, and though I knew I needed to run a couple of miles, I just didn’t see how that was going to happen.

When I got home, I wanted to curl up in my pjs, but instead I put on my running clothes, put together a brand new running playlist for my iPod, and hit the road. The process took me about an hour, and I dwaddled quite a bit, but eventually I made it out of the house. I figured that even if I walked most of the way, it was still better to get out and try it. Instead, I started running and just kept going – I ran the entire way without stopping, or getting a cramp, or even thinking about slowing down. It was amazing!

Now it’s time to get ready and go to bed. I’m going to try AGAIN to get to yoga in the morning. One of these mornings is going to be the magical one where I wake up, get going, and make it a habit. Nothing to do but keep trying!




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  1. I think I mentioned this last time you mentioned StickK but just wanted to point out (which I’m a founder of). It’s kind of like StickK for data nerds, though we’re working on expanding beyond just data nerds. But the idea is to visualize your progress on a graph and make the commitment contract based on that, which ends up being simultaneously more motivating and more flexible. So we think. We also blogged about some other competitors besides StickK and GymPact, if you want to check out others:

    1. Anna says:

      Cool, thanks! I’ve generally been more depressed/demotivated by seeing my progression/regression charted out, but I’m sure other people will benefit greatly. I’ll check out your blog, too.

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