Day #5: Same Ol’ Story


It’s Tuesday morning at 8:35. I’m supposed to be packing a hat in a box and rushing off to the post office to ship it out to my Ebay buyer. It will be so nice to have this phase of Ebay-ing over with. I’ve been selling things for The Man, and overall he’s been less than helpful with the process. I’m not taking a cut of the profits, just taking out shipping costs. I wake up earlier, spend the time and energy to post things, deal with emails, finally get them sold, then pack things, print bits, drive across town to the post office and deal with the shitstorm there. The least he could do is pack things. Or maybe go to the post office himself – he went once to ship some of his Ebay stuff, freaked out at how horrible a time he had there, and has never been back. Meanwhile, yes, I have a much different life view and can handle the idiocy of the New Orleans post office without becoming apoplectic, but it’s hard to handle so much of my time wasted with no gain or gratitude in return. This is the last piece that was sold online, so once this is gone, I’m not selling anything else for awhile.

I’m also in a blah mood on account of this morning’s weigh in – 159.0 lbs for the second day in a row. At least I didn’t gain any weight, but I was sure I’d lose at least a little bit.

There’s this horrible Jack and Jake’s truck that parks outside of my house for a few hours at a time. It’s parked there now, and the sound it makes as it idles makes me grow steadily more irritated the longer it sits. It’s like slowly going mad, really. The truck makes a deep, guttural rumbling sound that shakes my house. Pictures shift on the walls, the cats hide, it’s hard to think straight. When I worked at home, dealing with that sound was almost impossible. Now I’m getting ready to leave the house in a few minutes, so I’ll be OK. It just blows my mind that this wonderful company that specializes in locally-sourced and eco-conscious food has such a horrible vehicle in their fleet. Have they heard of noise pollution?

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  1. Jack says:

    Hey, sorry for the problem with the noise. Please email us and let us know your address so we can redirect our truck and not cause noise and vibration issues for you. We are a start-up company and we would love a more eco-friendly fleet of trucks. Unfortunately, we will have to earn our way towards that goal.

    Jack & Jake’s, Inc.

    1. Anna says:

      Wow, thanks! I’ll do that.

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