A Huge Sushi Lunch

This gorgeous photo is via “The Kitchn.” Click through for a great recipe on making your own chirashi bowl!

A few of us from the office went out to eat sushi for lunch. It could have turned out to be a big mistake, but I made a few small changes that I think will have major impact on how my body will handle the meal.

First off, I ordered a chirashi bowl, which is lots of different types of sashimi layered over a bed of rice. Yay! for sashimi, but Boo! for rice. In order to keep my temptation to eat tons of rice to a minimum, I asked the waitress to serve the rice on the side; this made it much easier for me, and in the end I only ate one spoonful of rice.

I did eat every single delicious fishy thing on my plate, which LoseIt.com puts at about 850 calories. This is totally OK. I’ve been light on the carbs all day, and even with everything else I’ve eaten, I’m at 1,079 calories for the day. In addition, at 5:45 I’ll be heading to my Bikram class, which burns anywhere from 300 to 1,000 calories, depending on who you ask (I always figure around 500).

If I’m at all hungry for dinner after yoga class, I’ll probably eat something small, and try to end up my day at below 1,300 input (no counting the output – I only cheat and eat more calories to “break even,” just because I can).


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