Really Lame Update

I had big plans for this post, but they’re obviously not going to work out. I’m a little tipsy and very tired, so just a basic update, and I’ll post photos and more tomorrow or the next day. Today was a really fun day. I missed my 8am yoga class, then got up around 9:45, got ready, and drove an hour to Abita, Louisiana with friends to visit the Abita Brewery. It’s a local brewery of considerable renown, and I pretty much live on Abita Amber as my drink of choice when going out. My friend Katy had a couple of friends in from Austin and El Paso, and this was one of the things they decided to do to find out more about New Orleans flavor. Even though I’ve been here since 1999, I’ve never managed to make out to the Abita Brewery, so today seemed like the perfect time to tag along.

We did an hour long brewery tour (mixed feelings about the actual “tour” part of the tour, but drinking makes up for boredom, I find), then went to this incredibly awesome little roadside museum called the Abita Mystery House and UCM Museum. We saw lots of weird shit, with the #1 “exhibit” being this alligator snapping turtle named Tina (my friend Alex fed her a hot dog, and I’ll be posting pictures soon). Then we went to the local Goodwill store, where I lucked into picking up a copy of Escape from Warsaw, a favorite book as a child, as well as a copy of Better Homes and Garden’s 1963 edition of Snacks and Refreshments. I was mystified by how many recipes involved braunschweiger. Weird, right?

After our eventful day in the ‘burbs, my friends and I made it back to the city. I napped until 7:30pm, and then got ready to meet an extended group at this cute little restaurant called Boucherie. After a lovely dinner (duck confit to start, followed by applewood smoked sea scallops), the group drove to a different part of town to see two drastically different bands play. After the initial band, The Lost Bayou Ramblers, made its moves with a sweet Zydeco-meets-Led-Zeppelin sound, Quintron & Ms. Pussycat took the stage.

I had seen Quintron years ago, and that particular show wasn’t at all my cup of tea. However, I thought maybe my tastes had changed. After the first few songs, I realized I wasn’t all that different and that the sound still wasn’t my deal, so I went outside to hang out with some of the other people from my group, a police woman and her husband who were in town from Bristol, England and weren’t really feeling the band, either. We had talked a bit at dinner, and got into conversation again now outside of the bar. It was awesome! I didn’t want to be a complete dork, but as a huge fan of British cop shows, I was having a “moment” – especially as we spoke for longer and realized our outlooks on the basic human condition were similar. We talked a bit about the police system over there, which I’d like to talk about more tomorrow, since I’m really too tired to go into it tonight. In short, it was awesome getting to talk to her and hear a bit more about how very different it is to be a cop in Great Britain than it is to be one here in New Orleans.

Tomorrow the entire group is going on a swamp tour, so I’ll get to hang out with the couple again, as well as the people from Austin, and others.

Right now I’ve got to go, though – time to catch some shut-eye and then drive across the lake to Slidell tomorrow to hang out with The Man’s parents before heading out to the swamp. I’ll catch up with you guys soon!



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