More Vacation Shoes


Eeek, just made an impulse buy. Bet you thought that couldn’t happen, that I was too busy writing the last blog entry to go off and buy more shoes. Ha! You know nothing of my multitasking prowess, especially when it comes to making pointless online purchases!

The thing is, I love my new Sanuk flip flops so much, but I’ve been thinking that maybe bronze isn’t the best color to go with everything I’ll be wearing on vacation. So I bought a pair of Yoga Mat Primo flip flops in chocolate leather. I wanted black, but I was getting these on Amazon with my new Prime account (free 2 day shipping, and you know I’m on a bit of a deadline with the vacation looming), and brown was my best option. I think it’s probably time for me to branch out into more earth tones, anyway. I’ve been wearing too much black and grey for the last few years.

Sanuk Yoga Mat Primo
Sanuk Yoga Mat Primo in Chocolate Leather

And then, because I love my new TOMS so much, I thought maybe I wouldn’t look as dorky in boat shoes as I had thought previously. Plus, wouldn’t it be fun to have some sparkly ones? Sanuk also makes these lovely Limelight II Sidewalk Surfers, and I just had to get see if they’re as crazy comfy as the flip flops are. I’m not entirely sure where this new affection for gold came from, but I think I can rock these. We’ll see when they get here on Friday.

Sanuk Limelight II
Sanuk Limelight II Sidewalk Surfers in Gold

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  1. I’ve heard of those yoga mat Sanuk flip flops are awesome…I’ve had them on my wish list forever, but have never sucked it up and bought them as I’m not big on flip flops because I don’t like things between my toes…I know…weird. I’ve also had my eye on some Toms for awhile too, but they see so expensive & I’ve never know if they are true to size or if they run big as I’ve read in reviews *sigh* Hope you enjoy your new kicks!

    1. Anna says:

      I know what you mean about the bit between your toes. Nowadays I live in flip flops, but I actually didn’t buy my first pair until I was 19 or so. They were hideous, from Gap, with giant daisies affixed to them. So gross, but I digress. They were soooo painful, and I almost gave up wearing them, but after a couple of weeks it just didn’t hurt anymore. After that I was always really picky about what the tops of the flip flops were made of, too. I’ve found that plastic flip flops like Havianas still hurt between my toes, but if they’re canvas or padded (the Sanuks are a light canvas strap material in the between-the-toes part) they’re generally not even noticeable. You could always buy them, try them on in the house on carpeting or a rug, and make your decision then.

      As for the TOMS, I had the same problem. Mine are true to size, but it does seem like a lot of people complain about them being too big. The TOMS site has a search box to find out what stores in your area are selling them, if that might help. They’ve got them at Whole Foods and Urban Outfitters near me, but if you’re in a smaller town you might not have as many options. Good luck – let me know if you end up getting them, and what you think!

      1. Good to know…I thought Toms were only available online. I live in Orlando, so they’ve got to have a Whole Foods around here that carries them. I may go ahead and bite the bullet and order the flip flops…it the in-between bit is canvas, that may work, as anything round kills…I’ve got short stubby toes, so I just haven’t found any that are comfy, other than the ones that have the toe loop that loops around your big toe…LOVE those, but hard to find! 🙂

  2. Ann says:

    Loving the leather on the Sanuk! Thanks for that pic; haven’t seen those before. As for me, I keep it geek with original boat shoes. And as for Amazon Prime, well, I’m having a love affair. About a year now. And the 3.99 overnigt upgrade…

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