It might seem that I’ve abandoned you, but in reality I’ve spent the last week writing posts that I was then too chickenshit to actually publish. I’ve had some major complaints lately. Or at least they seemed major until I wrote them down and realized that sharing them with the world would just make me look like an oversensitive jerk (which, by the way, I do happen to be now and then).

So today’s just a little update.

To begin with, I still haven’t heard back from the state museum on whether they want me to interview or not. This isn’t unexpected, as the state government does tend to take months to work through decision processes. I’ll keep waiting and hoping, I guess.

I also haven’t heard back from the other museum I interviewed with almost two weeks ago. This has me a little irritated, since I was already working with the assumption that I bombed the interview and they were just waiting to tell me how much I sucked. However, at the interview, I was told that a decision would be made in the next week to week-and-a-half. Tomorrow makes two weeks. On Monday I wrote to say thanks for the interview, and that I looked forward to hearing their decision. Not only have I not heard a decision, I didn’t even get the courtesy of a response. I find that a bit odd, but I’ve been told that’s how things work. That’s not how I work, so it’s a bit tough to swallow, but again I’ll keep waiting and hoping.

In the mean time, I’ve been applying to other positions. Two days ago I saw a job pop up for a local antiques store that needs sales & marketing help, with an emphasis on online relationships. Bingo! I sent in my resume and got a pretty much instant response that they liked my info and would be getting in touch in a week or so. I love their responsiveness and courtesy. Hopefully I’ll also love their payrate.

When I’m not stressing about jobs that I’d desperately love to get, I’m stressing about the job I already have. However, this week my boss is on vacation, so things are a lot quieter than normal. I’ve been taking advantage of that to try and work my stress off with Bikram. That’s right, I said Bikram!!! The new studio has finally opened right down the street, and this weekend all classes were free. I took two, then signed up for six months of unlimited classes and a friends & family discount of only $100/month, which is so cheap for Bikram. So far the classes have been amazing, and the studio is beautiful and state of the art. I’m already feeling stronger and much more mellow, and my back has been hurting much less than normal. In fact, had it not been for The Man tossing and turning all night long last night, I might have slept through the entire evening for once. We can always hope for tonight!

In another bid to save my ailing bones, I finally made the leap and have purchased a new bicycle. My beautiful vintage Free Spirit is so heavy and awkward, and as it turns out it’s also too small for me. I rode it three miles down extremely bumpy New Orleans streets a week and a half ago, and had the most intense back pain for a couple of days after. It just seemed like there should be something I could do to stop the cycle, so I started checking out bikes and purchased one on Saturday. It’s not what I thought I wanted when I was looking online, but the moment the bike store clerk pulled it off of the rack and let me take a test drive, I know it was the bike for me. It’s a Raleigh Venture in the appropriately girly shade of raspberry, and the ride is so smooth that the difference between it and my current bike is literally mind blowing. Or back saving. One of those…

Click through to see all of the stats on the Raleigh USA website.

I’m going to get fenders and a chain guard put on, and I’ll have to get some kind of basket, but I’m stoked to get this baby. The bike shop still has to put it together, and once that happens I’m going to be a bike riding fool!


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