The Interview Headache


I had my interview today for the crazy cool and awesome position at a local museum. My outfit was impecable, as was my resume. Immediately after entering the room I made an emotional connection with one of my interviewers over a shared love of a particular Mardi Gras krewe. Another of the interviewers spoke with me last week, and I could tell he liked me. Two of the interviewers were enigmas. I wasn’t completely sure of what they thought, and it made me nervous. I spoke too fast, and in circles a couple of times. I tried to tell them what they needed to hear, but ended up talking too much in the process – in general, I suck at spoken conversation, and I wasn’t prepared for some of the questions I was asked.

Overall, I’m confident that I have the skills they’re looking for, but they’re also looking for someone who has experience in certain types of exercises that I do not have as much knowledge of. Let’s face it, it’s hard to rack up experience points enough to look great to a major national non profit when you’ve only worked at tiny privately owned businesses. We just don’t talk to our target markets the same way. One of the major questions was about integrated marketing, using direct mail and email to speak to the same batch of customers. While I understand the concept, and have worked primarily in direct mail in several positions, in my current place of employment we don’t have the budget to spend on direct mail – the materials required are far too expensive. It’s difficult to have an interviewer ask you point blank how you do ‘X’ task at your current job, and then try to come up with an answer when it’s obvious that you would have no reason to do ‘X’. I wish I could have figured out a better way to encounter the questions, and have been able to answer them in hypotheticals. I have all of the knowledge. I can do this job. I just feel like they’re looking for someone with more proven skill than proven heart and drive, so if that’s true, I guess I’m still stuck in my current job.

Another thing is that I was told the work hours are not a regular 9 to 5 (which is fine), but then it was alluded that people always work nights and weekends. Given the pay rate it was inferred I’d receive, I’m not comfortable with working constant 60 hour weeks. However, it’s a huge name to have on a resume, and maybe I’d be making more than I think. This all depends on being called with a job offer, though. I guess I’ll sit and wait; they said they’d know by next week who got the job. If they tap me for the position, I’ll ask them how much they’re paying, and if it’s not enough and they won’t bump it up, I’ll politely decline. Gee, look at me counting my chickens before they’re hatched…

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