Crossing the Rainbow Bridge: RIP Digit

I just found out that a work friend’s elderly cat passed on yesterday. I don’t want to make a huge deal of it here, but it seems right to celebrate Digit’s life, and recognize her human friend J’s sorrow. J adopted Digit from the animal shelter when she was already an older cat, I believe she was around 7 human years then. Ever since I’ve known J, she’s spoken lovingly of Digit and her quirks. J is a really cool lady who lives life her own way, and Digit was her little partner in crime.

Digit was definitely a cat with personality. Like many cats, she was a picky eater, and needed to be fed precisely on schedule. She was afraid of thunder storms after a particularly violent one passed, blowing a branch through the apartment window. She had her favorite human, other humans she could tolerate (if they brought her nice wet food), and still others she didn’t care for at all. She was a beautiful and loving friend to J, who is one of the nicest humans I’ve ever met, and completely deserving of every second of love that Digit saw fit to bestow upon her.

Yesterday evening, shortly after her human returned home from a short vacation, Digit’s heart gave out. She had waited to see her human one more time, and I hope very much that she was happy in those last moments. I don’t know if J will be happy for some time to come; we’ve all lost a beloved pet, so I’m sure all of you will know the strange mixture of grief, acceptance, and joy one can go through in mourning and celebrating a trip across the Rainbow Bridge. Please send your love and energy to J in her time of sadness, and celebrate Digit’s long and happy life. I know that they’ll both appreciate the gesture.

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  1. rumpydog says:

    Rest in peace Digit.

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