Finally, A Response

I just checked my email and found the most wonderful thing waiting for me there: an email from the museum I applied to last week, asking me if I’d be available for a phone interview tomorrow morning. (Side note: I just accidentally typed ‘moron’ instead of ‘morning,’ which I’m sure Freud would have a field day over.) My current feelings, in no particular order:

1) Excited to get any form of response to my resume. I got a rejection letter from a government job last week and was just as happy to not feel like I had fallen into a jobseeking black hole.

2) More excited to get a positive response to my resume.

3) Even more excited that the response comes from a job that I actually REALLY, REALLY want.

4) Terrified. What do I say to be the standout option?

5) Nervous. The job description was a little vague, and might include duties with which I have no prior experience. Also, after today’s email I was able to research the qualifications and specialities of the man who will be interviewing me. His history is impressive, to say the least.

6) Hopeful. I think that I have a shot, but I need to work on what I’m going to say and how I’m going to conduct myself during the call. My friend Danica has agreed to help coach me through this tonight.

7) Like a kid standing just outside of the candy shop. I love every inch of this museum, and I love its current marketing campaign. The thought of being able to work there every day is almost as good as getting a weekend pass to Hogsmeade.

Wish me luck, guys. My phone call is tomorrow at 10am CST, so if you’re the praying type, or feel like sending out good energy to a stranger, please feel free to turn your thoughts to me getting this job. Thanks for being here to listen. I really appreciate it.

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  1. niicou says:

    good luck! 😀

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