Total Lean 7 Day Fast Loss: Day 4


You know, I could get used to this two shakes a day routine. It cuts a lot of the guesswork out of my daily diet, and though it’s not as exciting as what I’m used to eating, it’s a lot less of a gamble. I’ve been realizing just what a pig I am on a daily basis, even when I think I’m being pretty healthy. I’m constantly snacking, and eat way too many fried foods and salty nibble foods. Yesterday I snacked quite a bit, too (I think the term “comfort food” might have been coined for my benefit), but managed to have a little self restraint. As a result, today I’m 157.6 lbs, down a pound from yesterday and 6.4 lbs down total from Wednesday.

I’m still sick, and it’s really cold in our apartment for some reason, so I’m bundled up on the couch, getting ready to tuck into some homework. I plan to make a big salad and a bowl of soup for dinner, which should be lovely, and hope for another pound down tomorrow. Three days left, and 4.6 lbs to go. I think it could happen.

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