I’m getting ready to make some changes in my life, as well as this blog, but it might be a few days until it’s all realized. I’m just stretched pretty thin, and in order to pay more attention to my mental and physical wellbeing, I need to consolidate tasks. Once I figure out how to do it, I’ll be moving 20×30 over to my other blog, Compass & Quill. I’m also planning to incorporate some new parts in C&Q, so this is probably going to take me a few weeks. So no need to panic yet, but eventually this blog will be shutting down.

In the mean time, an update.

I weighed in today at 164 lbs – not good, but it’s also the day after Mardi Gras, so weight gain and bloating and weirdness were expected. After spending the day tracking down cleanse programs to try to get my diet back on track and eliminate some of this crud from my body, I eventually decided to go with GNC’s Total Lean 7 Day Fast Loss kit. Since my two biggest problems are not being good at planning meals and not exercising, if I can take all of the guess work out of meals for awhile and incorporate exercise again, it will probably get me back to 155 in the week (since grossly, most of this weight is a combination of water and you know, not going properly).

Right now I’m drinking a laxative tea, brainstorming what I need to do to stop being such a fucking mess, and getting ready to do a little homework. I’m probably going to work on C&Q a little later this evening, and will keep you guys updated as things progress and it’s getting closer to closing time here at 20×30.

Much love,


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