1.15.12 – End of Day Update

End of Day Update: 

I consumed 1229 calories today, which is just over my daily minimum of calories. I’m stuffed, though, so don’t know if I could fit anything else in, not to mention that I don’t have any more wiggle room when it comes to my daily recommended limit of fat. I went over my fat limit by 5 grams, but under my carb limit by 60 grams and under my protein limit by 29 grams. I’ll have to try harder tomorrow; it probably won’t be too hard to get somewhat better readings, though, since I wasted so many calories today on crap food I bought while waiting in line at the pharmacy. We won’t even go into how effing irritating it is to wait in line at the pharmacy for over 20 minutes to pick up a prescription that you have automatic refills on, that you know damn well has been sitting at the counter for two days. Oh well, potato chips soothed my irritated soul, but no more of that!

Also, I forgot to mention that as part of my effort to put more thought into what motivates me, I purchased a few body care products to help increase my self esteem, including a bottle of pretty new nail polish from Sally Hansen…

Gem Crush Nail Polish in 'Bejeweled' by Sally Hansen

and a combination of products from Borba, including a Firming Body Cleansing Serum, Firming Micro-Diamond Body Polish, and Firming Diamond Shimmer Contour Cream. Yes, I’m fully aware that like pretty much everything else I’ve ever bought, it won’t work as promised. However, it’s just that time again, time to try something new and get excited about the possibilities. Also, the contour cream (it’s really just a lotion) has something called “micro diamonds” in it, and is supposed to make me shimmer just a bit. If you can’t will cellulite away, the next best thing is to exercise your ass off and then slather what remains with sparkles, right?

Hmmm. The only other thing I guess I should mention is that I’m in the process of putting together a 2012 bucket list, something I saw on someone else’s blog and loved the idea of doing. When the time comes, I’ll be posting my bucket list to my other blog, Compass & Quill, and also giving a shout out to the guy who did it first, providing I can figure out who that is.

Catch you guys on the flip side. I now have about 4 hours to start and finish my weekly homework assignment, thanks to puttering about all day online. This is probably not going to end well…

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