I live a pretty quiet life. Last night was even more quiet, as The Man had to go out to a work-related function, leaving me at home to amuse myself. Being extremely bored with everything else I had worked on for the day – blogging, writing, exercising, even eating – I decided to take out my trusty camera and take a few shots around the house. Here are some of my favorites.

Izzy Cat Getting Head Rub
Mmm...delicious head scratches for Lady Isabel.
Owl Figurine on Shelf
One of my newest owls. I love them, and have little owl figurines and pictures all over the house. I found this one at a vintage and antiques fair at Destrehan Plantation in Louisiana.
Two Bikes
My sweet little red Free Spirit, and The Man's souped up black cruiser, named Kitt.
Cat Looking for Something
Izzy hunting a stray Christmas ornament under the TV console.
Statuette Detail
Detail from a fanciful porcelain decorative piece that once belonged to The Man's grandmother. She and I shared a love of Asian-themed art, especially poor European interpretations of Asian themes.
Isabel Cat in the Kitchen
"Are you gonna put that thing away soon? You're kinda freaking me out."

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  1. ieqa318 says:

    your cat make me crazy! so cute!! ^_^

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