Bang and a Whimper

Today’s Weight: 159.0 lbs.

Today’s Mood: Highly Irritated. The Orleans Parish DMV is cash only, and my debit card decided to stop working today. Doesn’t help that I drove around lost on the West Bank for almost an hour before finding all of the rest of this out. So still no new driver’s license. Oh well, try again next week.

Today’s Diet: So far, a cup of homemade chicken & rice soup and a slice of pumpkin pie with whipped cream, all consumed after my harrowing non-DMV experience.

Other than that, nothing much happened today. I took a half-day off from work to go get my license, and then came back and waited for a package to arrive from Amazon (new toothbrush heads and a refill on my vitamins). Now I’m watching a TV show, then I’ve got to run off to the packing store and mail out a Christmas present to my parents and another couple of presents to friends. After that, no clue what else to do today.

I’ve been working out my budget for the coming year, and realized that if I quit the gym and my membership to the sauna, I’ll be able to pay off all of my credit cards and a small student loan this year. I’m going to have to transition to working out on my own, using workout videos on Netflix, running a set amount every day, riding my bike as much as possible, and using a couple of new apps I put on my phone for daily arm and ab workouts. It’s going to be hard, but if I can set a schedule and stick to it, I’ll be physically and financially fit by the summer, at which point I can go back to the gym, or get a membership at a Bikram or dance studio, who knows?



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