Another Christmas Down

Another round of dieting begun…

Today’s Weight: 159.6 lbs.

Today’s Health: I’ve had a really nasty head cold for about a week and a half now. Last night was the first night that I didn’t stay up coughing all night, and I only coughed for a short while this morning, so maybe I’m getting better! Before getting sick, I wasn’t really doing my best to diet, but I think I was also fighting off the illness for a couple of weeks beforehand. I had been sluggish and weak for about that long before finally getting a sore throat and a cough, even though I was trying to exercise and taking my vitamins daily.

Oh well. Back on the wagon.

What’s interesting is that my boyfriend, who never gains weight or looks anything less than amazing, has started putting on a few pounds, and he’s now as depressed about his weight gain as I have been in the past. He’s decided to join my gym, which is great, since now I’ll have a gym buddy, even if we don’t actually go at the same time, since he hates it when people go to the gym together. That’s fine though – our gym styles couldn’t be any more different. He’s all about lifting heavy weights and grunting and listening to angry music, while I’m more about listening to happy songs and ¬†rocking out on the elliptical or in Zumba.

So here I go again…

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