A Very Good Weekend

I don’t know how much I weigh today. Don’t really want to check; this weekend was a bit debaucherous. One of the biggest rules of trying to make life changes in the diet and exercise department is that every day is a new day. If you mess up, don’t beat yourself up – just have fun, then in the morning, set your intentions anew and get right back on the healthy lifestyle wagon. I had a bit too much fun over the past few days, starting with making a beautiful pot roast with veggies with a baguette and horseradish cheddar on Friday, then continuing through the weekend with a few beers, lots of leftovers, and even bacon and a heaping large cup of gas station cappuccino yesterday. Of course I was pretty ill yesterday afternoon as a result of packing in the meat and dairy like that. Neither has ever gotten along swimmingly in my system, and I was bound to suffer the consequences of a three day celebration of all things that make my insides churn.

So now I’m being good. Today I’ve had soy yogurt with blueberries and honey, an apple and peanut butter, a cup of coffee with coconut milk, some kombucha, and a slice of really good swiss cheese that is giving me a bit of a tummy ache. I’ll probably have sauteed mushrooms and peppers, eggs, and a cup of soup tonight before heading off to spin class. I was supposed to start running again this morning, but forgot to set the alarm and woke up at 8am instead of 6am, killing my chance for morning exercise for today. It was raining early this morning as well though, so didn’t miss much. I’ll try again tomorrow. Thinking of putting music on my cell phone and getting a couch to 5k app so I can start from scratch with intense guidance, since every other attempt at starting slow has put me at 2 miles and aching hips.

I also went back to the hydration station today at my local Planet Beach. They’ve got to think I’m insane, sitting in their sauna capsule every day, never getting a tan or any other services. There’s really nothing like it, though. It’s the best thing to the steam of a Bikram studio I’m going to find in this city, and though I’m not sure how much of my sleeking down can be attributed to being heated and steamed into submission for 20 minutes a day, it makes me feel like a million dollars. Now to start working harder on muscle tone every day. If I’m going to be able to swim by the time I go to Croatia this June, I’m going to be wearing a kick ass bathing suit, too!

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