I swam for the first time ever yesterday. Those swim lessons I mentioned in my last post actually didn’t have to wait until January, and I went in on my lunch break. It was terrifying at first, but then somehow it just got easy, and almost fun. At some point it just didn’t seem like my life was in danger, and I got into it. I floated for the first time ever, and then the teacher decided I was doing well enough that I could try to start swimming. Which I did! I only made it about half way down the pool at a time, since the whole breathing and moving thing is still a mystery, but for a first try, it was exciting and awesome. I’m going back for another lesson tonight.

Today’s Weight: holding at 154.0 lbs.

So I won’t be 150 by the time my boyfriend gets back in town, but maybe I’ll be 153, which would still be awesome. I was hovering around the 161 mark when he left, and like I said, that few pounds really does make a difference on my frame, so it should be pretty noticeable. Hopefully, anyway.

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