I’ll Be 30 On Tuesday

Holy shit, Batman.

And in other news…

Today’s Weight: 155.8 lbs, meaning that I’m victorious in my revised goal of hitting 155 by my birthday. I plan to make this my plateau point from now on – no higher. My next goal is to be 150 by the time my boyfriend gets home from his business trip, meaning I have another 11 days to work on that. I think I might be able to put pedal to metal and make that happen, especially if I don’t pig out when my parents are here next weekend.

Also, I’m planning to buy myself some new jeans for my birthday, and get another tattoo.  I think I’ll get the tattoo over the weekend, then see if I have enough money for the jeans. The jeans I’ve been wearing for the last 8 months or so are from Gap, and though they fit me, they’re structured strangely. They don’t do anything for my shape; my vacation pictures showed this more than I would have liked. I mean, I already knew I have the tendency of being pear-ish, but the jeans really accentuate this problem more than I’d like. It’s time to shell out and look good, especially since my ‘uniform’ is jeans and a t-shirt 24/7.

I’m in need of sustenance. See you peeps a little later in the day.



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