Motivation #5: Caturday!

Today’s Weight: 156.8 lbs.

Today’s state of mind: slightly fuzzy, with motivation at a low.

Today’s plan of action: so far, the best I could do was get wrapped in a towel (clothes seemed too difficult) and stretch out on the couch with my computer. I’m hungry, but there’s nothing in the house I want to eat. I need to get a pedicure, but I broke in my new pair of flats last night, and consequently have two giant blisters. I was supposed to go to Zumba at 10am, but couldn’t go without food in my system. I’d like to go to the sauna, but to do that I’m going to need to shower, lotion, make a phone call, and drive over. Egads, all the effort I’m going to have to expend to live through this day!

So here I am, on the couch, being snuggled by a desperately cute Murphy cat, lacking motivation to do basically anything with my day, feeling more faint (and thus, less motivated) with every passing second. This might spell the end of me.


I have plans for 12 hours from now. Huge plans. Stupendously awesome plans! I’m going to the cat circus. Yup, that’s right. It’s a circus made up entirely of performing cats, called the Acrocats. I’ve been wanting to see this spectacle for a couple of years now, and finally they’re in my town on a day that’s convenient for me to pop by. To celebrate this fabulous occasion, my friends and I are dressing up in cat costumes. I’ve got a lot of costume bits and pieces, and a cat mask lies somewhere in that odd collection. I’m thinking I might need more bits and pieces, though – maybe some cat print tights, or a pair of cute ears and a tail, in case the mask gets to be too constricting. I’ve got a leopard print dress that I’ve now lost enough weight to probably fit into again, but that was part of my Halloween costume last year, and too obvious for this kind of costuming escapade. I was going to post inspiration photos here, but all I’m finding online are Jellicles (which are cool, but not what I’m going for) and slutty cat costume photos.

That’s it – time for me to get out of here. Going to get cleaned up, grab my bike, and take a ride down Magazine Street to see what I can see (and eat).

Happy Caturday, folks!


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