First Day Back

Today’s Weight: 159.2 lbs.

I did actually count my calories today with SparkPeople, but was too lazy to upload them to Twitter.  I ate around 1450 calories, and was in range with everything except for protein.  I really need to get eggs, but the only place I’ve found with organic cage free eggs around this place is WholeFoods.  Maybe there were some at the first Rouse’s I went to, but the second one didn’t have any organic eggs at all, nor did Winn Dixie.  I’ve got to check at the co-op this weekend;  New Orleans has a co-op now, or will soon have one.  I’m not sure if it’s open or not, and I’ve heard conflicting reports.

I’m super tired at the moment.  It’s 10-ish, and I just got back from Bikram class about an hour ago.  It was my first one in New Orleans, and I’m not sure how I felt about it, or feel about it.  First off, the class was packed to the gills.  In a typical Bikram class, mats are staggered so that everyone can see him/herself in the front mirror.  This class was so packed that the mats were only a few inches away from each other.  I kept inadvertently touching the people in front of me, and in one pose I kicked the guy behind me in the face, while in another I couldn’t bend as far forward as necessary because of the foot in front of me.

Then, there was the fact that the room was overly hot at head level, and had a cool breeze running through the center of the room.  The temperature evidently couldn’t be regulated well, because there were fans going and the teacher opened one of the doors now and then to cool the room down.  The heat felt very dry at first, and my face was feeling chapped before I started to sweat.  Typically the room is heated, doors are kept closed, and the room is very humid even before people start sweating.

Like normal, two walls were mirrored, but unlike normal, the other two walls were painted with some kind of ocean theme.  This would be lovely in a normal yoga studio, but the point of Bikram is to be calm, still, and not allow your mind to wander.  In a 105 degree class, how can your mind not wander to the images of a breezy ocean on the walls around you?

Also, there are no showers.  No showers.  No showers.  I’m still trying to get used to it.  I don’t know if I can.  You spend 90 minutes sweating balls, then not only are there only two small changing rooms to put on dry clothes in, there are no showers to help rinse off before you change.  Meaning that you either get to drive home sweaty and stinky, ruining your upholstery, or drive home slightly less sweaty and a lot less stinky, still basically ruining your upholstery.  Luckily I brought along a second towel just in case, so the car should be fine.  But ick.  Really?

Then there were little things, changes that happen from studio to studio.  Like the pose you’re required to go into if you’re unable to participate for a minute is a Japanese kneeling position, which the teacher instructed us is good because it keeps your head above your heart.  Unfortunately, it also restricts blood flow to your feet, making you even dizzier when you stand back up.  Not to mention that I hate kneeling – it hurts.

At my last studio we were discouraged from drinking water during class, since it typically makes you feel worse than you already feel and diverts blood flow and oxygen from where it needs to be while you’re working out.  If you’re properly hydrated going in, you shouldn’t need to guzzle water during class.  This class calls out specific times to drink water, including before the hardest pose in the standing series, Triangle.  The teacher never mentioned that people should sip just a bit, or refrain from drinking right before a heavy pose.

Also, I don’t like feeling like I’m being forced to go into Toe Stand position.  I still haven’t mastered Tree Stand, and at both of the last studios I went to, Tree Stand needed to be mastered before Toe Stand could be attempted.  In this class, the teacher straight out said that Toe Stand was a beginner pose and we all had to try.  I ignored her this time, but guess I’ll have to try tomorrow.  I just don’t feel comfortable jumping in to something that requires more strength and training than I’ve achieved yet.  I dunno.

But it’s the only Bikram place in town (I think the whole state, actually), and I’m going to have to suck it up.  The teacher was nice, the students seemed cool, and I’m sure if I start going in the early morning, I won’t have the crowding problem.  Plus, then I can do other active things with my nights.

I decided today I’d like to start working out to a Netflix video every day at lunch, too.  There are some fun-looking dance videos online that I added to my queue and plan to check out tomorrow.

OK, that’s enough.  I’m exhausted.  I need sleep.

G’nite, luvs!

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