Motivation #2: Something For My Toesies

Like many women, I love shoes.  OK, strike that, I obsess about shoes.  There’s just something about picking out a new pair of saucy strappy wedges that sends my heart for a loop-di-loop.  Make no mistake – I understand that being passionately involved with the thought of a new pair of spectator heels is ridiculously shallow.  It’s just that I can’t help myself.  It’s beyond my control.  You know when you see those photo shoots of movie stars’ houses, and they reveal these bedroom-sized walk-in closets that are solely for shoe storage, and there are like a million and five pairs of Louboutins stacked toe to toe, all the way up to the ceiling?  I lust for that.  I don’t want the Louboutins, though.  I want a little of everything, and most of the shoes I want are actually quite affordable.  The thing is, most of the shoes that I want aren’t made to go with jeans and a t-shirt.  They’re made to be paired with cute dresses and skirts, maybe some fun bright tights, or even shorts.  I don’t really wear any of those anymore.  Not since my legs stopped looking fab.  That’s why this post is all about the shoes that I adore, and how they keep me motivated to try harder and work longer on getting my legs into strut-worthy shape.


Blowfish "Hanaki" Booties - Available at

Iron Fist Sugar Witch

Iron Fist's "Sugar Witch" Heels - Available at


"Rae" Oxfords - Available at

Chelsey Crew Maytal

Chelsey Crew "Maytal" Heels in Grey - Available at

Rocket Dog Capri

Rocket Dog "Capri" Wedges in Pewter - Available at

Irregular Choice Mirror Mirror

Irregular Choice "Mirror Mirror" in Green - Available at

I think that maybe I’ll be buying myself this last pair as my prize for reaching 155.  I haven’t been this excited about a pair of shoes since those black platform wedges I wore to the 10th grade Military Ball…and those were a doozy.  I BEGGED for those shoes.  My inner teenager is just starting to whine about these, right now.  Guess I better tell her to get her butt in gear and lay off of the Lays, huh?

2 thoughts on “Motivation #2: Something For My Toesies

  1. amixedbaggettingbetter says:

    shoes definitely are a motivator. i really love boots! have u ever tried… great prices for shoes. losing weight is a challenge! keep up the good work. i just lost over 50 pounds s l o w l y. I tell everyone drink as much water as u can. it helps. take care!

    • Anna says:

      Oooh, no I’ve never gone to before, but thanks for the tip! I adore shoes so much, even just digital ‘window shopping’ 🙂 You’re very right about the water. I have to drink a ton now, since I sweat so much out during Bikram, and I notice an overall difference in how my body feels from being properly hydrated (finally). Congratulations on losing that 50 lbs – now THAT’S a motivator for me!

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