Where Does Fat Go?

Body Shapes
Apparently nowhere. I’m really disturbed after reading an article on CNN today that talks about fat cells, and where they go when you exercise. Turns out that unless you get liposuction, which actually physically removes fat cells, the most you’re doing when you exercise is shrinking your fat cells, not destroying them.

The article, which is mostly about how it’s impossible to change your body shape by losing weight, shows some really inspirational images of a couple who lost a combined 500 lbs. together. I was surprised to learn that most humans have between 10 billion and 30 billion fat cells, but that even though it’s impossible to have LESS fat cells, if you constantly overeat, you can actually grow MORE fat cells. Obese people can have as many as 100 billion fat cells.

Even though it’s a little scary, I was encouraged by these findings. As I’ve said before, I’m not trying to get skinny, just to my ideal shape. And now that I know I will never ever be able to have less fat cells, but eating an entire pizza in one sitting could be adding to the fat cell count, that’s something serious to think about when I’m sitting down to dinner (and dessert, and late-night munchies).

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