Gaining to Lose

For the record, I’d like to state how shitty I think it is that muscle weighs more than fat. I’ve been eating really well over the last few days, as well as working out more than usual, and I’m actually gaining a bit of weight every day. I know that this will eventually begin to reverse, but it’s such a bummer in the morning to get on the scale and see that yesterday’s hard work didn’t pay off in numbers.

Today’s Weight: 159.0 lbs

Today’s Mood: Pretty good. Had a lovely evening at home with my boyfriend last night, and a nice morning, as well. I managed to wake up about 20 minutes earlier than normal, and got in some housework before going to work, where I’ve already taken care of a couple of major issues. Now to start working on some bigger ones, though. It’s my boss’ first day back at work, so I’m waiting for the rest of the on-site staff to freak out and the troubleshooting to begin. Guess that means I should get my oatmeal in now, eh?

Yesterday I ran 2.2 miles at a rate of 10 minutes and 22 seconds per mile, and also did my daily arm workout. Still no ab work, and I’m still waiting on my Zumba workout set to get here. UPS tracking says it should be here tomorrow, and I can’t wait to get to dance my butt off (literally). I’m heading out to trivia night tonight, but in the interest of not gaining any unnecessary weight, I’ll be drinking seltzer with lime (my favorite non-alcoholic drink, btw). Guess I’ll have to get my run in before trivia, and maybe work my abs and arms today at lunch time. That shouldn’t be too tough to accomplish.

Dieting in 2012…Pointless?

Despite the fact that everyone I know is fearing (or at least constantly joking about) the end of the world, I refuse to back down on this plan that’s taking way longer than planned. In fact, I just ate oatmeal. Boring old oatmeal. So there.

Today’s Weight: 158.6 lbs.

Today’s Mood: Meh. I’m back at work, which is booooring! but also pays me, so I like that part.

Thoughts: I ran a little over 2 miles yesterday, as a first attempt at making a daily run part of my working plan to get the rest of this weight off. I uploaded a few new apps onto my cell phone to help me with this and my other fitness plans, including iMapMyRun, Daily Arm Workout, and Daily Abs Workout. I really liked the running app. A friend of mine uses it, and I liked the fact that it updated to Facebook, mapped the run route, and tracked speed and calories burned. I could also listen to music while using it, but don’t like the fact that if I want to change a song, I’d need to shut off the app to get to my music player. That kind of sucks, since I want to be able to flip through songs as necessary. Shuffle just isn’t good enough. After taking my run, I came home and did the arm workout, but not the ab workout. I might end up going back to my old ab workout video instead of attempting to watch a little lady on my phone do the exercises.

Also, I’m very excited to add that since I’m quitting the gym to save money, and realized the only thing I’d miss was doing Zumba, I just went ahead and ordered a Zumba workout program. It’s not the newest one, which was almost $100 and so very out of my budget, but the old set, Zumba Fitness Total Body Transformation. It’s a set of DVDs and some tiny little hand weights that apparently sound like maracas. I like maracas. I’m pretty psyched to get this set. I love Zumba, and dancing in general. I’ll miss the other people in my class at the gym, but the one thing I didn’t like about my gym Zumba class was that the teacher didn’t teach us the steps very clearly. I picked up a lot, but there were bits that I really wanted to get good at, not just fumble with. I’m really looking forward to getting the steps down pat, and maybe even being able to use them in a social setting one day.

Did you start any new and exciting workout plans for the new year?

The Big 3-0

I’m 30 today. Technically I won’t be 30 until around 11:27pm ET, but we’ll just let that drop and say I’m there already. Doesn’t feel that much different, except for my exasperation with myself for not taking the day off of work, and for overpaying some bills I really didn’t have to, which means that I could have spent the day shopping, but instead I’m broke and working on some boring PR details. Meh.

Today’s Weight: A glorious 155.2 lbs. I’m not kidding you guys; 155 is about as far away from 160 as Greece is from Siberia. I feel gorgeous. My tummy’s not as poochy, my chin is a little sharper, my eyes look more seductive, and in general I feel saucy and extremely attractive. There are issues, as always – my arms hold a lot of fat, and that weird spot between my breasts and armpits is still grossing me out – but that’s just fat. It can be worked off, like the rest of this weight, and it will in time.

Yesterday I called up a local swimming school to see when I could start taking lessons. I can’t swim, never have been able to, even though I took classes when I was little. I wasn’t scared of water then, but I am mildly so now. I hate not being able to touch the bottom, and I can’t float or dog paddle. It’s time to learn, and now that I’m 30 I’m really too old to not be able to save a drowning child if the need arises. Plus, I’m thinking that swimming will be amazing for toning my arms, assuming I can find enough muscle in there to swim, in the first place. We’ll see.

Not doing anything really special tonight. I’m heading to Zumba in the late afternoon, like every Tuesday. I love to dance, though, so it’s an excellent way to welcome in my big day. Also, a bartender friend of mine (and fellow geek) is having his birthday today, and he’s planning on throwing a party at his bar, since he’s working. There will be movies, and there’s a restaurant associated with the bar that has amazing menu items. I’m planning on riding my bike over there and hanging out with him, eating dinner, having a couple of glasses of wine, then probably making it a quiet night at home with the cats, doing craft projects.

Hurray for the 30 Year Old Cat Lady! Whoop Whoop!

Measurements as of 11/8/11
Waist: 27.5" (down 1.25" since 9/26/11)
Hips: 38" (down 2" since 9/26/11)
Belly: 33.5" (down 2.5" since 9/26/11)
Thighs: 22.5" (down 1/2" since 9/26/11)
Upper Arm: 11" (down 1" since 9/26/11)

42 Days: Evening

I’m not feeling the writing bug tonight, so keeping this one short.  I went to Zumba this afternoon and had a blast dancing.  Still looked pretty gawky and not-so-graceful, but I had a lot more of the steps right this time, and there were a couple of other girls in class who weren’t that amazing, either.  Can’t wait until the next class rolls around.

As for the rest of the day, I ate well, and have some calories left to snack if I feel like it later.  Not sure what I would snack on, as we’re pretty low on groceries, but maybe a bowl of soup or something.

My Bliss Love Handler came today, and I’ve applied it twice already.  There were no immediate effects, just cool and tingling sensations, pretty much like rubbing on some Icy Hot.  I put it on both my core area, as directed, and also on my arms.  I figured it couldn’t hurt, and maybe my arms will get a little tighter as a result.  I also found out today that the Planet Beach directly under my gym has a hydrating infrared sauna pod.  I’m not interested in tanning at all, but monthly membership is really cheap at this location (half the price of another one on the other side of town), and it includes Mystic tanning and a few other spa services.  I’m thinking about doing it, if just to help trim up as I continue to work out, and maybe get some color on my pasty thighs.  We’ll see.  I’m still weighing out the pros and cons.

Gotta get back to work.

42 Days: Morning

Today’s Weight: 159.4 lbs.  I’m not going to cheer until I’m at 158, which I thoroughly plan to attain by tomorrow.

Today’s Plan: Work like the busy little bee I am.  There’s so much to get done for my day job right now; PR call at 1, call with our web designer at 2, and between now and then I’d like to get our client database up and running properly, or at least pinned together.  There’s so much data that needs to be cleaned.  Plus, I’m not finished with adding photos to our Flickr site, so there’s also that to think about.

Most important (and exciting) part of my day as I see it, though? ZUMBA! Yup, heading back to Zumba class this afternoon to dance some more of my butt off 🙂 Have you ever gone to a Zumba class? If not, and you’re curious, here’s a little video to show some of the moves.  Granted, these people are good, and I stumble around and look like an idiot, but it’s just as fun and dynamic as they’re making it look, no matter my (lack of) skill level!

Alright, time to get crackin’.  I’ll catch up with you all later in the day.