Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree



On my last morning in Crystal Beach, TX last month, my friends and I went out searching for seashells. It wasn’t the best day for finding shells, but it was a lovely day to just appreciate being alive. At 8:30 in the morning on a Tuesday, the beach was quiet and mostly empty. The sun was warm, and the water cool. Silty Gulf beach sand squished under my toes.

I caught sight of a middle-aged couple walking happily, hand in hand, and couldn’t resist taking a little snapshot to save the memory. They looked so happy and relaxed, just like I felt at the moment. For just a little while, we had all given ourselves permission to be carefree. It was such a great way to spend a long weekend. Can’t wait to visit again.

Photography Fri…I mean…Sunday! Beach Vacation

Kind of funny that today’s Daily Post prompt would be to describe our world without a computer. Just a week ago, I arrived at a little place called Crystal Beach, on the Bolivar Peninsula of Texas. The address of my host’s beachhouse can’t be found on a GPS or Google Maps, and Internet is still so new in that little part of the world that I was advised to “just forget about it” for the duration of my trip. So for the most part, I did. I still had cell service and enough connectivity to do a little social media-ing, but other than that I just took a couple days to rest and recharge my batteries.

I spent a lot of time with my toes in the sand, just looking out over the horizon. My friends and I played Farkle, hung out on the beach, watched my friend Trin’s son play happily, and just took the time to enjoy being together in such a beautiful little spot. I didn’t miss my computer at all – in fact, the whole experience made me more resolved to find a way to only use this thing for good someday. No playing around, just working to make a difference, then logging off and living my life at the end of the day. A girl can dream, right?