Weekly Photo Challenge: Let There Be Light (On My Favorite Cat)


Yeah, I know I’ve already posted one entry for this week’s challenge, but yesterday I caught an interesting glimpse of my cat Isabel through the camera lens, and thought it was worth sharing. We’re technically supposed to be sharing a light source, but you’ll have to take this at the more metaphysical level – she’s the light of my life, and also has a way of shining brighter when there’s a camera trained in her direction. I caught her yesterday basking in the brightest spot of sunlight in my apartment, and loved the crazy contrast of this shot.

Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour



It seems like fate that I would manage to capture one of the most pleasing photos I’ve ever taken, just a couple of days before the Weekly Photo Challenge popped up. This golden hour shot was taken from the car, as The Man and I drove back from our vacation. It was just a perfect moment witnessed on the border of Alabama and Mississippi, with fog rising up between the trees, and the sun bidding us adieu for the evening.