Fur Faces

Just like humans, cats’ faces change by the second, reflecting their various moods and whatever point they’re trying to get across at the moment. Of course, no one likes to get a camera stuck in their face by surprise, and knowing that I was bound to tick off a whole house full of cats tonight, I chased everyone around to get in their business and see what kinds of shots could be taken. I feel pretty good about catching everyone in a natural pose.


Isabel, who turns 10 this year, is typically solemn and a little suspicious (she takes after the human in the household). Here, she stands on my lap and asks what I’m doing waving my iPhone in her face. I’m sitting on the bed, and everyone knows that the bed is for cuddling with Izzy, not for taking crummy snapshots.


Munky is 7 years old, and spends the majority of his energy seeking out kibble and affection. This is him trying to look nonchalant while also making googly eyes at me in hopes that he’ll get a butt rub. He did.


Charlie’s still a baby, not even a year old yet, but already Isabel’s size. He’s all muscle, and spends most of his time running amuck. He plays fetch, and he makes little turkey gobble noises as he throws his body around the house at top speed. At night the house sounds like “GOBBLE! THUMP, THUMP, THUMP, CRASH! THUD. GOBBLE! THUMP, THUMP, THUMP…”He’s also just learning how to be a proper cat, and is experimenting with cuddling for hours, purring for a second or two, and finally understanding the thrill of catnip. Don’t let this look fool you; he’s a maniac.


Kuzia is an outside cat who technically belongs to my neighbor, but spends a lot of time on my front porch. He rules the neighborhood, and has his own barstool at a bar down the street. I feed him wet food when he visits, so it’s not uncommon to be walking back from the grocery store and find I’m being escorted home by a fierce little cat king. He seems to be composed entirely of bad attitude, and will consent to exactly one light body rub or two head kisses before he gets bored with you and walks away. This is him asking what the hell I’m doing interrupting his beauty sleep.

This post was a response to the Daily Post Photo Challenge prompt, Atop.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable

Izzy’s younger brother Murphy (a.k.a. Munky) came to us as a 3 month old kitten. I was worried at first about introducing him to The Man; even though we’d agreed to get another cat, the interview process was up to me. I was more concerned with picking a personality that would mesh with Isabel’s than any of the other variables I might have considered. So I was a tad worried at first that The Man and Munky might not get along. Looking back, that’s the silliest concern ever. Munky & Izzy had some rough moments in the beginning, but ultimately became quite close. Before that happened, the bromance between Munky and The Man got started, and has never stopped. They’re best buds. They like to watch baseball together, hang out on the couch together, and most importantly, take their naps at the same time. Don’t let The Man let you know that I’m calling him out on napping. He insists that he never sleeps unless it’s bedtime. Here’s the proof. They’re just snapshots I’ve taken with my phone over the years, but if this isn’t a story of true companionship, I don’t know what is.

True love - Munkey and The Man napping together a couple of years ago. He's too big to sleep on someone's neck now, but this basic scene still plays out most days at our house.