Origami Gift Decoration – Using Kusudama Flowers

Today is my friend Vic’s birthday. I found a great little present, but wanted to make sure that it was wrapped really well. He’s a graphic designer, and it just seemed tacky to hand him his present instead of taking the time to do something more artistic with the packaging. Luckily, this morning I picked up a few rolls of holiday wrapping paper, and one of them wasn’t too Christmas-y.

After the wrapping paper went on, though, something was still missing. As a final step, I made an origami Kusudama Flower to adorn the top of the box, using a tiny square pamphlet I received in the mail a week or so ago. This was a very easy project that turned out pretty nicely.





Making a Kusudama Flower is very easy, and there are several different techniques to use, each of which changes the final result just a little. I found step-by-step instructions at Easy Origami Kusudama Flower Instructions. You’ll need four or five square pieces of paper (one piece per “petal”) and either tape or glue to put the modules together. I used a glue stick, but I think the next time I’d either use permanent double sided tape, or else small dots of hot glue. These are pretty all the way around the shape, as you can see from the last photo – you could even put together some of these to string up on your Christmas tree, or to stick into a wreath!

Thirty Days of Origami – Day #26: Origami Camelia

Origami Camelia

This is a seemingly complicated pattern that ends up being pretty simple. I wish that I would have had some paper that was a solid color on one side and a pattern on the other (or something of the sort) – that would have been much prettier. Also, instead of just folding the center petals up, I squash folded them so you could see more of the interior color. I think next time I might cut them open, instead, and see what that looks like. If you’d like to make your own, click here for the diagram.

Thirty Days of Origami – Day #23: Origami 5-Petal Flower

This modular 5-petal flower was designed by Tomoko Fuse, and was pretty easy to put together. Thank goodness for great sites like Origami Instructions, though, or else I probably would have had a hard time with this one. Not sure I like it that much, now that it’s done – it doesn’t lay flat against a surface, but has a weird ripple effect where some of the petals end up sticking up at a little bit of an angle. Most people would probably find that to be a nice touch, a little bit more dynamic, but it just annoys me. Also, I used 6″ squares for this one, and would have been much better off with 3″ squares or maybe even something tinier. If I do them again, I think I’ll try 3″ or less, and try making a bouquet, so that the movement of the piece doesn’t irritate me as much.