Thirty Days of Origami – Day #24: Origami Diamond Box – It’s Purple!



This is one of my favorite pieces. It was really easy to make, is super sturdy, and of course since it’s purple I can’t help but think it’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. I’m weird like that…you could cover dog poo in purple sparkles and it would probably take me a minute to start to think it might not be the most gorgeous creation ever. Something about purple just pops my endorphin levels – that’s why I created my Tumblr blog, Amethyst & Indigo, to help “collect” purple things online and cull my obsessive need to buy as many as possible. I realized one day on my way to work, wearing purple Chuck Taylors, carrying a purple laptop bag, sipping on a purple thermos, listening to my iPhone (wrapped in a purple case), that it was definitely time to channel my passion a tad differently before I turned into a walking ad for grape juice. Luckily, origami paper comes in many gorgeous patterns – and colors – and now that I have a whole box full I can branch out into other shades 🙂

Anyway, this one was very easy to make. It came from Tomoko Fuse’s book, “Joyful Origami Boxes,” and is the alternative shape of the easiest little docking box, a modular box that takes two pieces. I used 3″ squares of card stock for this one so that I’d have color on both sides, and the weight of the paper makes this little thing pretty tough.

Thirty Days of Origami – Days #17 & #18: Modular Box & Trays

This box has four modules that join together to make a really sturdy structure in the end. It’s pretty tough to figure out how to get the last piece in, though, and you have to manhandle it a bit to make it happen. Pretty nerve-wracking process…

These two little triangle trays can be used separately or can fit into the modular box (provided you size them correctly, which I did not.)

The blue tray was just a smidge too big, so now even though they both fit into the box, it skews the box a bit…oh well!

Yesterday’s project was taken from Tomoko Fuse’s book “Joyful Origami Boxes,” and let me tell you now that the process of making these was slightly less than joyful. It was more in the range of extremely irritating, actually. I’ll complain more later, though – too busy today.

Thirty Days of Origami – Day #1 (Origami Box)

It’s the first day of the Thirty Days Project, and I started out easy by creating my 2nd-ever origami box. It was pretty simple to understand the instructions (which I found online here). What I didn’t anticipate, however, was that even though I was technically able to copy the instructions and create something that looks mostly like a box, even the tiniest deviation had the power to wreak havoc on the end result.

As someone who has trouble accepting when my eyeliner is just a smidge too thick on one side, or when a piece of art is hanging even the tiniest bit askew, creating a box without four square angles really tried the limits of my patience. It looks like this month will not only be about trying a new creative outlet, but also about learning to let go of my insane need for perfection.

An Origami Triangle Box

My new origami paper came in today, and I just couldn’t help myself; I had to try a project as soon as I got home from yoga. Here’s my creation, a triangle box that requires three sheets of paper and very little know-how. This is my first attempt at a triangle box ever, and I’m pretty proud that it looks the way it did in the instructions. My only “upgrade” was a little bit of glue from a glue stick at the bottom layers, just to make it a bit more sturdy for holding whatever it is you end up putting in an origami box. If you’d like to make your own, click here for a step-by-step diagram.

Now I’m even more excited to start the Thirty Days Project in a couple of days – 30 days of origami, what?!?!