Photography Friday! Color Atlas @ White Linen Night 2013

Last Saturday night was White Linen Night, a yearly arts-centric celebration that takes place on Julia Street, the heart of the New Orleans Arts District. In homage to the heat, everyone who is anyone shows up to walk down Julia wearing their finest white clothes and check out the art installations in galleries up and down the street. My little marketing firm, Cathedral Creative Studios, is located at the back of a gallery / events space called L’Entrepot, and this year it was left to me to decide what we’d be doing to get the biggest bang for our buck during White Linen.

Happily, I came up with the idea for what turned out to be a pretty cool art exhibit. I contacted several local arts collaborations – artist teams – and asked them to design an installation based on a place. The place could be large, small, imaginary, spiritual, elemental, physical, but it had to fit inside a 20′ x 20′ square and focus primarily on one color chosen from the Pantone Fall 2013 collection. Around 1,000 people experienced the event, getting the artists and our gallery some great publicity. I’m pretty happy, overall. Here are some snapshots from that night.


Owl by artist Kyle Nugent. You guys probably know that purple is my favorite color and owls are my favorite animal, so when I walked in the gallery and saw this for the first time, you can only imagine my reaction 🙂







To find out more about the show and its artists, please visit:

Also, if you’d like to see the show from more angles (and in film):

Photos on L’Entrepot’s FB Page

Video of White Linen Night, featuring the Color Atlas show (and a silly clip of me around 1:37) by my friend & coworker Gary

Photography Friday! Week 3 – Mostly Kitties

Lots of drama this week, but I don’t feel like talking about it here, honestly. Instead, I’m going to share photos of my cats – yay! OK, and some other stuff.

On Saturday morning, The Man and I cleaned the house, and I washed all of my clothes. Izzy helped:

Izzy Loves Laundry

Later that day, I picked up my new FitBit Flex, then oversaw opening night of my gallery’s new exhibit, Necessary Tangent, featuring the work of Danny Baskin, Martin L. Benson, and Peter Barnitz. This was the third event that I’ve curated at the gallery, and I really enjoyed working with three fantastic artists. If you’re in New Orleans, please stop by to see the show before it ends in a couple of weeks. The works are very affordable, which is becoming a rarity in today’s art scene…


249109_10151520612154086_1201400093_n (1)

255749_10151520610419086_1097338199_n (1)

On Sunday, I spent the day hanging out with The Man. The day started out with this guy, then a shopping trip, followed by a couple of long naps and some TV-watching. Pretty awesome!

Cat in Laundry

Monday was all about work. On the way to the office, I saw that the World War II museum’s newest gallery, the Boeing Center, is finally open!


On the way home from work, the WWII Museum’s Victory Garden looked too enticing to pass up.

WWII Museum Victory Garden

On Tuesday, I started the day off with a rare morning run. This is how I felt afterwards:


That afternoon on the way home, the sun was setting on St. Joseph Street in a spectacular manner:

St. Joseph & Magazine, New Orleans

Wednesday morning I awoke to this gorgeous little face. It wasn’t really love, though – just a plea to wake up and give him food. Izzy didn’t seem to care that the bowl was close to empty, so I found her enjoying her favorite new pillowcase once I finally got out of bed. Recently I started using satin pillowcases to help my skin and hair retain moisture, and she’s really into pushing me off of the pillow in the middle of the night. So I gave her a second pillow in an attempt to save my neck. She must have been a diva in her last life, because she sure is now!



Later that day, I ate a sandwich that made me sick for the rest of the afternoon. I left work early, took a nap, then laid around with The Man for the rest of the day. He left for NYC yesterday morning, and since I was still feeling icky, I stayed home and took it somewhat easy. I didn’t end up taking a photo on Thursday, so here’s one from earlier in the week – my work space at Cathedral!

My desk at work

It’s a little messy, but it’s also full of items that mean a lot to me. There’s a photo of my two best friends and me last summer in Croatia, a funky little painting I purchased not too long ago, a ruby glass cup (holding pens, which is probably not the best idea) from the 1893 Columbian Exposition, a ton of origami pieces that I made way too long ago, the Ultimate Yogi DVD set that I practice daily, and if you look closely, you’ll see my planner in the bottom left corner, proudly bearing a sticker from the Intergalactic Krewe of Chewbacchus!

Art Gallery Blues

Crowd at an art gallery - Photo by Anna Harris 2012

I’m sitting in a dark corner, listening to some non-offensive but so-not-my-kind-of-music music, endeavoring to keep my shoulders straight and tall, and my face pleasantly neutral. I’m wearing all black, sporting a lightweight infinity scarf that screams that I’m artsy yet unpretentious, and dripping with sharp-edged statement jewelry. It’s my night to (wo)man the gallery.

The first Saturday of each month is the New Orleans Art District’s ArtWalk, when every gallery along Julia Street throws open its doors and welcomes art enthusiasts to enjoy everything the local arts scene has to offer. This weekend is also PhotoNOLA, a pretty sizable celebration of all things photography, all over the city. Thus, we decided to install an exhibit by Chicago photographer Elaine Miller. Her photographs are haunting, ethereal, very thoughtfully shot, and also extremely personal, so I’m proud to be showing her work off to our guests tonight.


I’m bored! I’m bored and hungry! My butt hurts, my eyes are tired, and my jaw is starting to hurt from smiling. Also, people keep walking around the gallery and admiring things that aren’t art – like the bench we have in the corner, the lamp on my desk, the lanterns that hang in the center of the space. Which is cool, since the lanterns were my idea, but you know what I’m saying – it’s just odd.

Then there are the odd questions that people have been asking. Some guy walked in, saw my company’s sign in the far back corner, and asked what we do. Never mind that the sign very clearly states what we do. To keep it brief, I told him that we are a marketing agency and photography studio, as well as a gallery & events space. He stared blankly, then asked “Who do you market?” I told him that we work with a variety of clients. He gave me this smug grin, then turned away, saying “You mean brand building.” Well no, Mr.-thinks-he-knows-more-because-he’s-old-and-still-dressing-like-a-hipster, I don’t mean just brand building. Brand building is a portion of marketing, but not all – and we do much more.

Ack! The music just cut off. Let me see if I can fix it…

Ah, I’m back – and I’m rocking out to some Afrobeat, since the radio’s all mine now.

There’s still about a half an hour to go, and we’ve had 105 people walk through so far – not bad for a space with eight small works of art. The smells from the cafe on the other side of our space are wafting over, and my stomach is rumbling. I didn’t eat nearly enough today – just wasn’t able to get on the right schedule, so I’m drastically under my calories for the day (which is probably why I’m a tad cranky at the moment). Maybe I should ask them to make me a vegan Rico sandwich, this breadless sandwich made with plantains, avocado, fake pulled pork, and salsa fresca that’s just out of this world yummy.

The gallery is empty now, but people are seated at tables just outside the gallery door, and the sound of conversation and clinking silverware trickles into the space. My eyes are very tired, and I’m getting a little chilly. Just 13 minutes to go before I can turn off the radio, shut down the main gallery lights, and walk out a free woman, assuming my legs aren’t asleep from all of this sitting around. Just another night at the gallery.