Day #8: Uptick

This is one of those days I was telling you about, where my weight swings up and I feel like a complete failure. However, I’m not going to be that girl today. Today I’m going to be a winner, keep a calm head, and come out on top. I weighed in this morning at 161.0 lbs, after a slip-up last night with a new batch of banana muffins and a lovely Chinese food dinner with The Man. I did alright with the Chinese food – only ate half of my dish, in fact – but it WAS noodles, and then I followed up with a couple of muffins. It was an emotional eating night, except eating lavishly was not in response to emotion, but to physical state. Since I’d only gotten 4 hours of sleep the night before, I was just too worn out to think about cooking dinner when I got home. That, coupled with my desire to lay on the couch all night (making Chinese sound even more inviting) are what did me in. I’ll know better next time.

So back to today. I’m slightly heavier, but knowing my body, by Sunday I’ll be back at 157 if I watch my intake and go to yoga every day. As promised last week, I’ve taken my measurements, too:

  • Thigh: 23.5″ (same as last week)
  • Hips: 40″ (same)
  • Waist: 28″ (down 1″)
  • Chest: 37″ (Which is still weird, given my 34″ bra size. Maybe the girls at Victoria’s Secret can explain for me.)
  • Biceps: 11.5″ (down 1/2″ – woohoo!)
  • Calves: 14.5″ (same)
  • Ankles: 7.5″ (same)

Right now I’m trying to get geared up to go to work, drinking my protein shake for breakfast. My supplements arrived in the mail yesterday from Vitacost, and instead of taking a bunch of pills this morning I thought it would be much more fun to just add everything into the shake. So now I’m drinking a shake with 500mg of raspberry ketones and a serving of coleus forskolii, both natural supplements to aid fat loss. I also just took some probiotics, which I’m hoping will help speed up the Chinese food in leaving my body. Next up is a multivitamin, then Vitamin D drops at work, and I’ll be full to the brim with all kinds of good-for-you’s.

Wish me luck – I’m bringing the banana muffins to work, and will boldly attempt to refrain from eating any. No clue what I’m going to do for lunch, but it better be natural and 400 calories or less. Then it’s on to Bikram at the end of the day, where everything feels beautiful and warm and limber, including yours truly.

Happy Friday, everyone!

Day #1: Heavier than I Thought

I set my alarms (yes, I have multiple alarms) to wake up for yoga this morning at 5:30am. Once again I slept through them. Something’s got to give. I’ll try to get out of work in time to make it to the night class today, and take it from there.

Weighing in was sure an eye-opener, though! I’m 164.2 lbs – the heaviest I can recall ever being. It makes sense, since I feel heavier. Things are jiggling that never jiggled before. My neck feels loser, my arms feel heavier and more awkward, and even though I fit in the same size I’ve been wearing since college, it’s not a sexy look anymore. I’m a little closer to a sausage effect. Thank god for spandex, or I’d have to shell out for new fat clothes. Sorry, but that ain’t happening. Time to get down to business.

My measurements (which I’ll do on Fridays to keep things simple) are:

  • Thigh: 23.5″
  • Hips: 40″
  • Waist: 29″
  • Chest: 37.5″ (which is weird, since I wear a 34″ bra – which I was measured professionally for)
  • Biceps: 12″
  • Calves: 14.5″
  • Ankles: 7.5″ (they look swollen to me, so I want to keep track)

For breakfast I’m drinking a GNC Lean Shake, made with ice and water, no extra calories. It’s time to wrap this up – got to head out to the chiropractor to have my hips adjusted again. It’s great having very minimal back pain now, after years of serious pain. I should really feel guilty for not making the most of this opportunity to be active and whole again.

Here we go!

Friday Night Lights

Today’s Weight: 153.6 lbs!

Today’s Mood: Surprisingly peppy

Today’s To-Do List: About 3.5 million miles long. Ack!

Last night I had swim lesson #2, and it was fun. Not as exciting as the first lesson, since obviously I can’t be amazing every time, but it was good. I spent the entire time practicing floating face down and kicking without using my arms, and attempting to stay kicking/floating while picking my head up to take a breath. It didn’t really work that well, but I didn’t drown and I never needed help, so that’s fabulous!

After the lesson, I came home and worked on slide shows and an RFP that my company had going out today, and finally passed out around 1:30.  Woke up at 8 and went back to work on the RFP, then started another slide show, then took a brief pause to go get my hair cut, using these two photos as inspiration:

I asked my stylist to use this photo to style the main body of my hair.

This shows the bangs that I wanted - just a little change from my normally straight up and down bangs.

My hair ended up being really cute.  I think I’d like to go a shade darker, so might pick up some hair dye when I run by the pharmacy later on tonight.

After getting my hair done, I came home and ate some toast, since that’s all I have left in my cupboard at the moment (got to go grocery shopping tonight, too, I guess), and then worked on a concept for a news segment my boss is appearing in in January. Since we might have to purchase props to use on the segment, I wanted to get a good idea of what they might be, and get them ordered now instead of getting caught in the holiday season, when a lot of wholesale interior design vendors shut down.

After lunch (I know, bad timing), I took my measurements again. They’re basically the same, except for this time I tried to actually stand up straight and tall when measuring (not sure why I didn’t do this before), so you’ll see that my waist and belly measurements went down pretty drastically.  Either way, it’s still pretty obvious that my waist and belly pooch are much smaller than they have been, and my jeans are fitting really great for the first time in months. It’s also obvious, unfortunately, that I’m genetically predisposed to be pear shaped, since my hips and thighs aren’t cutting me any slack here.  That’s OK, though. I know that my butt is my best asset (pun intended), and my thighs are actually pretty thick because of muscle, not fat. Sure, I could stand to lose a little jiggle on the backs of my thighs, but my legs are still pretty.

This weekend is going to be good. My boyfriend gets home from his business trip tomorrow, which will be the first time we’ve seen each other in a few weeks. We don’t have a whole lot planned, but I’m hoping to go to this art show/music experience that a friend of mine helped put together, this musical village where every little house is a musical instrument, and they all work together to make a concert. It’s called The Musicbox Shantytown Orchestra, and I’m pretty psyched to go see/hear it play.