Thirty Days of Origami – Day #19: Origami Omega Star



This six-part, modular star was designed by Philip Shen. I found a link to the diagram on Leyla Torres’ Origami Spirit website. It was a little time consuming figuring out how to sink the center of each modular piece, especially since the diagram skips that part. After that, though, it was a pretty simple job of finishing up the folds and joining the six pieces. Now I’m only six pieces of origami behind my goal – let’s see if I can get another couple done today!

Thirty Days of Origami – Day #7 (Origami Abundance Hen)

My next door neighbors have chickens, multiple dogs, and a woodworking shop, so waking up in the morning is typically a pretty noisy affair. I don’t mind it that much, though The Man tends to grumble. This morning, I woke up to the chickens clucking and crowing and thought, “Hey, I should take this as a sign to make an origami chicken!”

I looked around for just the right chicken, but didn’t see quite the one I wanted – until I found the abundance hen. This lovely design was created by Leyla Torres of Origami Spirit. You can watch a simple, easy-to-follow video showing how to create the hen here. It’s such a cool pattern to follow, because not only does it look just like a cute little hen, but it also serves as a great little container – perfect for giving tiny gifts like trinkets or candy.