Resolution Update #4

Now that we’ve reached the third week of January, I thought it might be time to write another update on how it’s going with my New Year’s Resolutions. I’m actually doing pretty well, despite a few minor setbacks that I should be addressing at the end of this week.

1) Learning to Swim. I did sign up for swim lessons again, and last week I did a front stroke across the pool and was able to take two breaths while swimming. My instructor says that my kicks and arms are great, and I can actually feel a difference now in the way my body moves through the water. I think if I can stop over-thinking things when I’m in the water, I’ll be able to breathe while swimming pretty soon. I understand now that when you’re swimming, your body naturally rocks side to side, and that it’s all about letting your body’s natural movement tell you when to lift your head to the side and take a breath. All there is now is to keep working at it until I’ve got it down pat. Oooh, I also learned to float on my back without help, which is HUGE, especially since I started swim lessons being pretty terrified of not touching bottom.

2) Start Running 5K Races Again. I haven’t signed up for one yet, but I’m going to run in a 5K race on January 29th. I’ve been running daily, and though my time isn’t great, I’m actually running, not walking. Even cooler, a friend and old coworker of mine got into running after I ran my marathon in 2009. He started running longer distances just about the time I was in too much pain to continue. Now he’s been running longer races, and I asked him if he’d be interested in doing a 5K with me. He was enthusiastic about it, and now we’re on the same street team in RunKeeper and encouraging each other via Facebook daily. It’s nice. I know we won’t be racing against each other or anything like that, but it’s great to have a buddy to do this kind of stuff with. It only makes me want to improve.

3) Budget Food Expenditures. Honestly, I’m not doing great at this, but I’m a lot better off than I was before the New Year, so we’ll keep working at it. I at least haven’t been spending exorbitant amounts on snack foods, so that’s something. It’s just that I know I could really cut back on my grocery spending, and live for a while on what I already have stored up. I’ve been better about eating the food I already have, but I did break down and go to Whole Foods the other day to stock up on soup and eggs, which definitely could have been avoided. One funny thing that happened with this is that on Saturday, I did end up buying brie, crackers and prosciutto at the store. When I got home and tried the brie (it was a new brand), it was so gross that I ended up throwing it away. It was kind of like a tap on the shoulder from the Universe, to remind me I wasn’t supposed to be wasting money on stuff like that, anyway.

4) Put Money in My Savings Account. I did! I’m awesome! I organized my budget so that the first expenditure of every paycheck is to put money in my savings account, and since it’s such a pain to withdraw money from the account, I should end up doing pretty well on this goal. In addition, as I mentioned awhile ago, I’m receiving a spot of loan money that is going to help me with my next resolution, thereby in the long run helping me save money away, as well.

5) Pay Off Credit Cards. Like I said, I’m trying to carefully watch my money in order to pay off my cards, and I’ll also be getting a little chunk of change next month that will help me with this goal. I hope to be CC debt free by May, and maybe even sooner, depending on where I’m able to make more cuts in my budget.

6) Be Happy and Have Fun. Still working on this one, but it’s much easier to be happy when you’re physically fit, so that’s something I have going for me. One thing that’s impeding my ability to go out as much is still not having my license renewed, so got to take care of that on Friday. Otherwise, I’ve made plans to hang out with a new girlfriend that I’ve been playing Weds. night trivia with for the last couple of months. We’re going to go out dancing on Saturday, which will be the first non-trivia thing we’ve done together. Hopefully it’ll be fun, and I’ll have made a new friend.

7) Finish Writing at Least One of My Books. I haven’t even started working on this goal. Shame on me.

8) Create a Schedule and Stick to it. Um, so no. I haven’t been able to create a schedule OR stick to it, other than the calendar I put up on the fridge the other night that I fill in to prove that I’ve run, done Zumba and weighed myself every day. So I guess that’s kind of a schedule, but what I really meant by this resolution was to wake up earlier and get more work done. Now that I’ve got my little part time copywriting job, this is even more important than ever. Needs improvement.

Overall, I’d give myself a B- on this, though I’m somewhat biased. What do you think?

Are you doing better on your resolutions, if you made them?

Friday Night Lights

Today’s Weight: 153.6 lbs!

Today’s Mood: Surprisingly peppy

Today’s To-Do List: About 3.5 million miles long. Ack!

Last night I had swim lesson #2, and it was fun. Not as exciting as the first lesson, since obviously I can’t be amazing every time, but it was good. I spent the entire time practicing floating face down and kicking without using my arms, and attempting to stay kicking/floating while picking my head up to take a breath. It didn’t really work that well, but I didn’t drown and I never needed help, so that’s fabulous!

After the lesson, I came home and worked on slide shows and an RFP that my company had going out today, and finally passed out around 1:30.  Woke up at 8 and went back to work on the RFP, then started another slide show, then took a brief pause to go get my hair cut, using these two photos as inspiration:

I asked my stylist to use this photo to style the main body of my hair.

This shows the bangs that I wanted - just a little change from my normally straight up and down bangs.

My hair ended up being really cute.  I think I’d like to go a shade darker, so might pick up some hair dye when I run by the pharmacy later on tonight.

After getting my hair done, I came home and ate some toast, since that’s all I have left in my cupboard at the moment (got to go grocery shopping tonight, too, I guess), and then worked on a concept for a news segment my boss is appearing in in January. Since we might have to purchase props to use on the segment, I wanted to get a good idea of what they might be, and get them ordered now instead of getting caught in the holiday season, when a lot of wholesale interior design vendors shut down.

After lunch (I know, bad timing), I took my measurements again. They’re basically the same, except for this time I tried to actually stand up straight and tall when measuring (not sure why I didn’t do this before), so you’ll see that my waist and belly measurements went down pretty drastically.  Either way, it’s still pretty obvious that my waist and belly pooch are much smaller than they have been, and my jeans are fitting really great for the first time in months. It’s also obvious, unfortunately, that I’m genetically predisposed to be pear shaped, since my hips and thighs aren’t cutting me any slack here.  That’s OK, though. I know that my butt is my best asset (pun intended), and my thighs are actually pretty thick because of muscle, not fat. Sure, I could stand to lose a little jiggle on the backs of my thighs, but my legs are still pretty.

This weekend is going to be good. My boyfriend gets home from his business trip tomorrow, which will be the first time we’ve seen each other in a few weeks. We don’t have a whole lot planned, but I’m hoping to go to this art show/music experience that a friend of mine helped put together, this musical village where every little house is a musical instrument, and they all work together to make a concert. It’s called The Musicbox Shantytown Orchestra, and I’m pretty psyched to go see/hear it play.


I swam for the first time ever yesterday. Those swim lessons I mentioned in my last post actually didn’t have to wait until January, and I went in on my lunch break. It was terrifying at first, but then somehow it just got easy, and almost fun. At some point it just didn’t seem like my life was in danger, and I got into it. I floated for the first time ever, and then the teacher decided I was doing well enough that I could try to start swimming. Which I did! I only made it about half way down the pool at a time, since the whole breathing and moving thing is still a mystery, but for a first try, it was exciting and awesome. I’m going back for another lesson tonight.

Today’s Weight: holding at 154.0 lbs.

So I won’t be 150 by the time my boyfriend gets back in town, but maybe I’ll be 153, which would still be awesome. I was hovering around the 161 mark when he left, and like I said, that few pounds really does make a difference on my frame, so it should be pretty noticeable. Hopefully, anyway.