Day 26

Today’s Weight: 157.6 lbs.

Yesterday was tough. The hydration station (sauna-like pod that I’ve been sitting in once a day) was out of order at my local Planet Beach, so I couldn’t go do any laid back sweating. I was also really bored with everything I had to eat in the house, so the temptation was high to order in some Chinese. On top of that, the thought of going to the gym again for the third day in the row was unbearable. What’s a girl to do on an off day like that?

The answer yesterday was to get the hell out of the house as soon as my work day ended. I decided to take a bike ride to the beautiful Audubon Park in Uptown, then run the 1.8 mile track, and ride back. In all it was a little over 10 miles on the bike, plus the 1.8 mile run, which had me working out for about an hour and 45 minutes straight (I’m a slow biker and runner :-). By the time I got home, I was drenched in sweat and feeling really proud of myself, so I made a slightly larger dinner than I’d intended.

Yesterday’s meals included yogurt & honey for breakfast, a cup of fresh carrot/apple/parsley juice as a snack, sauteed mushrooms on toast with a cup of soup for lunch, and another cup of soup with a fried egg, toast, and a fake sausage patty for dinner. I also had a serving of PopChips and a Red Stripe Light. Today I won’t eat quite so many solid and processed things – I’m going to stick to more veggies and at least two glasses of fresh juice, if not more. It would be great to hit 155 by Sunday.

My boyfriend is away again, and I won’t see him until Thursday. It would be great if I could be under 155 the next time I see him, and even better if I could be 152, which would put me at 10 lbs lost since he left town. I’d be so proud of myself. It’s amazing what just a few pounds does to my figure – you can see the outside lines of my abs now, my face looks thinner, and I just feel so much more attractive and graceful. Probably all in my mind, but I don’t mind keeping it there if I can keep feeling beautiful.

27 Days and Counting

Today’s Weight: 158.6 lbs.

I haven’t been measuring, but I will next Monday. I’m losing weight pretty rapidly now as a result of doing all of the things I’ve been too lazy to do since I moved to New Orleans: restrict my carbs, no snacks (but I eat 4+ meals), no cheese, no alcohol, drink lots of fresh juices, run at least 2 miles a day, go to one gym class a day, use contouring oils & creams, and sit in a 115 degree sauna every day for 20 minutes. It’s time consuming and really not that fun, but even if I’m not going to be 140 in 27 days, like hell am I going to be 160. Today the only class they’re offering at the gym is an abs workout, so I might up my run to 3 miles.

Time to get back to work.

Later Edit: OK, so I measured right after posting this, and OMG!!! I updated on the side widget, but whoo-hoo, looks like I’m doing something right. Gonna keep going…

41 Days: Morning

Today’s Weight: 158.6 lbs, about which I’m happy but not overjoyed.  I flipped through the site last night, looking over all of my old weigh ins, and I keep doing this yo yo thing between 157 and 161.  It made me a little more ticked, and a little less inclined to celebrate something I keep doing every few weeks, then screwing up by bingeing on lovely eats.

So far there’s not much to report for the morning.  I had fresh carrot/apple/ginger/pineapple juice for breakfast, rubbed on a little of the Love Handler on my midsection and arms, and cleaned the kitchen while having a conference call for work.  I’ll be back on the phone in an hour or so with my boss to catch up on her thoughts and plans for the next few weeks, then adding a couple of tiny touches to the company Flickr page and moving on to optimize our LinkedIn presence.  From there it’s on to beef up Facebook, create a Photobucket page, and clean up our CRM.  Fun stuff, all around.

It makes me wish the days were longer, actually, and that I had access to a super-close Starbucks to get my caffeine fix.  I’m drinking a lot of green tea lately for weight loss purposes, but it’s not the same as a really nice cafe au lait.  On second thought, it’s probably better that I’m not close to a coffee shop – I’d pack on the pounds with all that milk and sugar!

Don’t think I’m going to make it to the gym today.  I’ve got a dinner date with a few of Dan’s work friends, meaning that all I’m eating today and probably tomorrow is fresh juice, soup and sauteed veggies to counteract whatever rich, fatty stuff we’ll be seeing on the table tonight.  As much as I really want to see the people that will be at dinner tonight, I’d much rather go to abs class at the gym instead.  Maybe I’ll go for a run or do a workout video during my lunch break – or both, depending on how the day goes.

Catch you a bit later.

43 Days: Evening

Long day, and I’m exhausted.  Actually considering hitting the hay considerably earlier than usual tonight.  That may have to do with my limited food intake today, or the fact that most of my sustenance today was juice so my body’s probably starting to detox.  Or it might just have to do with the super-awesome-intense Spin class I went to this evening.

This morning was juice (carrot, apple & ginger) for breakfast, but for lunch I had organic squash soup, some lovely baguette, and brie.  First dinner was more juice (this time beet, ginger, carrot, pineapple, and apple), then about an hour later I ate three eggs scrambled in a bit of olive oil.

I rode my new/old bike for the first time tonight.  My boyfriend bought it for me from his old landlord, and it’s a cute old bike, red, with fenders and a basket.  It’s not a cruiser – it’s got skinny tires that I would normally call racing tires, but it also has brakes like kids bikes do, the ones where you have to backpedal to get the bike to stop.  Consequently I ran headfirst into a (very prickly) bush this afternoon to avoid running out into traffic.  Passersby laughed hysterically.  Oh, who am I kidding – I laughed hysterically.  It turns out I’m complete shite at braking without hand brakes.  I might have to get this thing converted before I hurt myself, but we’ll give it a couple of more tries before giving up completely.

Like I said before, Spin was ridiculously cool.  The teacher played mostly hip hop, which I appreciated since normally Spin classes tend to go more club/techno and that can get annoying.  I prefer the slightly angrier song selection so I can work that energy into my routine.  My hips and back hurt a little bit, but overall I feel good.  I love that Spin is a lot like dancing on a bike, and I always work up a fantastic sweat.  I feel so accomplished just by living through a class! One of the songs that was played was brand new to me, and I ended up coming home and watching it a few times on Youtube – Beyonce’s “Run the World”.  I love the dance routines & costumes on this one.

Also, since this blog entry seems to be in no particular order, I finished putting together my company’s Flickr page today.  You can see it here if you’re at all interested in pretty interior design photos.

And did you know that Steve Madden has great customer service?  I recently won a contest through their Facebook site, in which I got a year’s subscription to Paper Magazine and a 35% off coupon for use on their website.  Part of the process of winning involved phone conversations and emails back and forth with the nicest guy, Dan, who works in their marketing department.  Then I ordered some shoes this weekend, and accidentally used the wrong credit card (oops!).  I got an email today saying that my order didn’t go through, and if I wanted help I could call their toll-free number for assistance, but in the end I decided not to since I really shouldn’t be spending more money on clothes right now.  I just deleted the email and went back to work, but an hour or two later, got a call from the company, asking if everything was OK and if I would rather use a different credit card to ensure my order went through.  Such a refreshing moment in this age of automated shopping carts.  So of course I ponied up and bought the damn shoes even though I said I wasn’t going to.  These are the two pairs I got – rather basic but I only own two pairs of flats, and one is leopard print, so these will work well for me.

"Krusshh" in Raspberry Suede, by Steve Madden. You can't see it here, but the back has a cute little gold zipper and a tassel in the same color as the shoe. I like that the low sides look a little like khussas.

"Kingdom" in Blush Patent, by Steve Madden. Prim and proper, and just what I need for the skinny jeans I will be fitting into by my birthday.

That’s all the energy I’ve got, folks.  On to bed.  Kisses!

43 Days: Morning

Today’s Weight: 161.4 lbs (really? argh!)

Today’s Measurements: check the side bar for ‘My Stats’.  My arm is .75″ larger, and my tummy is larger too, but that’s most likely due to bloating, as it is that time of the month yet again.  Does it seem like it’s always that time of the month to anyone else out there?

Today’s victories so far: Well, I didn’t make it to the gym this morning, so that’s not a good thing.  However, I did just make myself a cup of fresh carrot/apple/ginger juice for breakfast, so I’m counting that as a triumph since all I wanted were eggs and toast.  I’m going to do juice for lunch, as well, but with beets and pineapple and whatever else I can scrounge up.

Now back to work – check in with you later.