T Minus 30 Minutes

I’m almost 31. Right now, it seems like a pretty good place to be – I’m enjoying a glass of somewhat less than cheap red wine, wearing a sparkly scarf, and I just got back from watching Joseph Gordon Levitt in “Looper.” I won’t ruin it for you, but it was a good movie. The CGI was still a bit disappointing, though – the whole time I kept waiting for JGL’s fake face to slide off and give me a scene or two of him looking like his normal adorable self. It’s hard to think that a guy that boyish is actually older than I am, but it gives me hope!

My brain is pretty fried from the last couple of weeks of overload on the work front – I’m juggling a lot of responsibilities right now as I try to keep my bank account out of the red. I’m helping one client write grants, helping another keep her social media plan alive, helping another write their bi-weekly eblasts and newsletters, and at my regular job I’m planning (and executing) a fall fashion pop up sale.

The last task has by far been my favorite, but it’s definitely the most insane. We’re only 10 days away from the event, and we just got our final vendor confirmations on Friday. Our marketing collateral was mostly finished this evening when I left work to go to the movies, and I believe that I’ll be able to get the designers everything they need in the morning. After that, the stressful part of the show starts – daily overkill on online marketing to make sure that we meet our desired 300 – 500 visitor range, figuring out how to run the cash table efficiently (which shouldn’t be too bad, as long as the internet doesn’t go down at the studio and our CC machine keeps working), making sure that the vendors have everything they need, and most of all, make sure that the space is absolutely gorgeous. I’m talking magical.

My design concept for the space is the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, which I guess isn’t the most creative and inspired idea, but I’m not a designer so I’m going to give myself some slack. I also love rich colors and sumptuous fabrics, mood-setting lanterns, and the sights/sounds/smells of exotic markets, so my gut feeling was to make this project into something I couldn’t help but fall in love with on a daily basis. I’m just hoping that the timeline isn’t too short to get something really good out of our budget and space constraints.

Now, after writing all of this, my brain is even more fried. My eyes burn a little; going to the movies always irritates them a little, and I’m also getting sleepy. The Man wants to give me my birthday presents early, but all I really want to do is pass out and have a good night’s sleep for the first time this week. The sheets are freshly washed and I made the bed myself, so there’s not a single wrinkle to be seen and the bedspread is put on perfectly, to allow both of us enough square area of blanket in the middle of the night. The cats are going crazy behind the couch right now. Isabel has been playing with a little circle that I twisted out of sparkly pipe cleaner; she loves it, and flips it around the house all night long until it gets squished flat. Then she brings it back to me to bend back into a circular shape. She’s a very smart little lady. I think that Munky has been squishing the circle, though. I hear them scuffling a bit right now, but no energy to intervene.

Oh here she is, come to stare at me. I just spent a couple of minutes staring back, then giving her a good ear scratching. Now I’m back. But I really should finish up my wine and stop this rambling. Not too much longer now before I’m 31. Only ten minutes now.

Tomorrow I’ll be making an origami cat. I found the video already, and it’s complicated, but I don’t think it’s too far over my head if I wake up early enough and make enough quiet time to not feel rushed. Here’s the video – cute, eh? Here’s a photo, too:

Day #10 Wrap Up: Just Under the Wire


No, I didn’t exercise today; sue me. It was raining all day long, and I didn’t want to have to walk or bike to yoga in the rain. Obviously, I also didn’t want to go running in the rain. So instead I just watched what I ate and hung out with The Man. We watched that newish Tom Hardy movie, “Warrior.” All I can say is – wow. If you’re not afraid of bloody beatings, give it a watch. It’s more of a drama than an action movie, but since it centers around UFC-style, no-holds-barred fighting, there’s also a lot of action. I rated it “Really Liked It” on Netflix, but The Man lobbied for “Loved It,” which is really saying something given his general grumpiness when it comes to dramatic movie endings.

For a couple who watch a lot of movies, it’s seldom that we watch something both of us walk away from contentedly. Even “The Dark Knight Rises” was a bit of a let down for both of us, despite Anne Hathaway’s great costumes and Joseph Gordon Levitt’s general awesomeness at everything he does. I swear I could be entertained just watching Joe breathe, but that’s in part because he won my heart in “Brick.” Weirdly enough, the sticking point for me in “DKR” was none other than Tom Hardy, who despite being an amazing actor really didn’t play a convincing enough Bane for me. He just didn’t do enough to fill Bane’s shoes, in part because he couldn’t convey enough emotion with that mask on. I just kept thinking that he should be working harder to inspire fear – I mean, hell, Darth Vadar gave me nightmares for years, and you never even saw his eyes – it was all in the stature. To be fair to Tom, there’s one point in the movie where his eyes convey raw emotion, you get it, you even feel for the guy. But just that little bit of goodness didn’t help balance the character for me. Have you seen it yet? What’d you think?

The Dark Knight Rises

Here’s my food for the day. The Man made pork chops for dinner. I hate pork chops, but I always give it a try when he cooks, just to be supportive. Sure enough, I could only eat a few bites. It’s better that way – I stayed just under my calorie allotment for the day.