Day #?: Bikram 30 Day Challenge, Isaac, Etc…

Not sure what day of my weight loss journey this is, and disinclined to take the time to look over my old posts for a clue. I’ll figure it out tomorrow.

I slept over at my in-laws’ last night, and it was marvelous. The Man stayed behind in New Orleans to protect against looters, since our power was still out and people do asshole-ish stuff like loot around these parts. I showed up at his parents’ house with dirty laundry and a garbage bag full of perishables, and they treated me like royalty. The Man, Sr. kept my wine glass full and plugged in a couple of great chick flick DVDs, and The Man’s Mom whipped up a great dinner and made sure that I knew where her stash of super girly bath supplies were, so I could take a really relaxing dip and feel more human. It was a great night, and I even slept in late this morning. My hips and lower back didn’t hurt as much as normal when I woke up, making me think that on top of the twisted hip problem, maybe my bed at home could be a bit of a culprit.

In the early afternoon, I drove home in high spirits with clean laundry and really great smelling hair. The Man’s Mom had let me use her Wen Cleansing Conditioner, and I really liked it, though I used A LOT less than the instructions call for. It comes in this squirt bottle, and is a combination shampoo/conditioner that you’re supposed to use like 14 squirts of. I used 7 and it was perfect. My hair came out feeling so soft, and although I’ve got pretty great natural highlights, the color of my hair even looked richer when it was dry. I’d like to try it a couple more times to see if it’s really as great as it seemed on the first try. Have you tried it? Any thoughts to share?

Today was the first day of my Bikram studio’s 30 Day Challenge, so even though I didn’t really feel up to going to class, I made myself get up and get out. Class was BRUTAL. It must have been a combination of factors, from not practicing in four days to not being hydrated enough, as well as being so tense and stressed out, but I was having a lot of trouble breathing and keeping my heart rate down. As a result, I was dizzy and nauseous for much of the class, and ended up just sitting a few of the poses out completely. I gave it my all, but my all was considerably less impressive than usual. After class, I drug myself back to the locker room and commiserated with the other ladies. Several of them had had a really tough time, too, and we all agreed it must be the stress of the hurricane situation just lingering. With stuff like that, you’ve just got to forge ahead and keep breathing, keep opening up your chest with good backbends to let all of that hurt out and all of the fresh experiences in. Sorry, I’m going all hippy dippy on you, but it’s been true in the past for me, and it will be true tomorrow when I go back to class and work on my Camel some more.

After class, I came back home, where I found out that The Man (who works for a government agency) was called away to work in Baton Rouge for an undisclosed amount of time in response to the massive flooding that’s going on in other parishes. I won’t comment on his frustration with the delayed response time or the inadequate response levels he’s seeing at his agency, but I’ll say that I feel very bad for his situation for however long they keep him. It seems to be a clusterfuck, and as an extremely logical, helpful and orderly person with a real call to help those in need, he’s not in the best spot right now. From an insider’s position, it’s absolutely terrifying to think what’s going to happen if we get another storm anytime soon. Our state is not equipped to deal with anything else this season.

From a very selfish spot, I’m both excited to get some down time to live alone again, as well as disappointed that this all had to happen now. Tuesday is our six-year anniversary as a couple, and because of his job and our living situation over the past few years, it’s a date we typically don’t end up spending together. Not to mention that the last time he was deployed for a natural disaster, he was sent to another state over Halloween AND my birthday. It would just be nice to get to spend some important dates together. But I won’t be lame about it – we did just get to spend a pretty nice couple of days at home, by candle light.

OK, I’m done talking your ear off. Just waiting on a load of laundry to finish up washing, then I’m going to hit the hay. Maybe I’ll do a little more reading, too. So far since Tuesday, I’ve read “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” for the umpteenth time, as well as “Dead Until Dark” for maybe the second or third time, and now I’m reading “Living Dead in Dallas” again, too. Maybe while The Man’s gone, I’ll actually read something new, like the Game of Thrones series…

Oh, I forgot. I weighed in today at 156.6 lbs (can you believe that, after all the crap I ate?) and here’s my day’s diet. Pretty unhealthy, but I had to grab what I could at WalMart, and they were in a sad state.

Hurricane Isaac

I just spent the last hour writing a harsh retrospective on my experiences over the last week in dealing with Hurricane Isaac. After reading over it, I realized it would invite too many comments, and I neither have the patience nor the will to deal with that kind of drama. Let’s just say that I’ve sheltered in place for at least 12 hurricanes in my lifetime, and this was the lamest storm I’ve lived through, with damage in the metro area that says much more about the inefficiencies of our city and state government than the strength of the storm, itself.

Our power was out from Tuesday night through to a couple of hours ago, and it really makes no sense to me at all. A friend of mine called the storm “endless torrential drizzle” and that’s the best description I’ve heard. Yes, there’s flooding now in a lot of places, but it’s a result of a slow moving storm that dumped a shit ton of water on us – not because we had a strong, scary hurricane that left us shaking in our boots. For people like me, living on high ground in the metro area, it looked and felt like a very calm rain storm (think a little stronger than a Seattle afternoon). Still, no power, and no line crews for days. I left the city today to enjoy my inlaws’ electricity in the suburbs, and finally saw trucks going into the city. Having lived in eastern NC and in Chicago, both of which send electric crews out in the middle of natural disasters to fix electric lines, I’m still not sure why we didn’t get our power back for days when we were having a bit of rain.

But anyway, I’m over it. I’m also over New Orleans. If this is how the city deals with Category 1 storms, I’m really not feeling like sticking around to see the ineptitude that will follow a Category 3. Next time I’m taking the cats and leaving, with or without The Man. I have a feeling he’ll want to go, too, though.

So my diet has gone to shit over this week. Half of our food went bad, and the other half is still sitting in an ice chest, or maybe The Man has put it back in the fridge by now – I’m at his parents’ house in the AC, so no clue. I ate chips, dip, cheese, any free food that people would give me, and a huge hot plate from Rouse’s today. Starting tomorrow I’m going vegetarian, and closer to vegan if possible. It’s not like I have to eat my way through any leftovers before starting the plan. Hope to go back to yoga tomorrow, too. I need more calm in my life.


Day #18: Monday, Monday, Monday

Here we are, seven years down the road, and the media is still milking Hurricane Katrina for all it’s worth. There is nothing worse than getting about a million and one phone calls from concerned friends and family members who demand that you leave your house and run for the hills – when there’s NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT. All because they’re watching way too much MSNBC. I really get tired of the news sometimes. This morning’s headlines include such gems as:

Isaac Crossing Gulf with New Orleans in Crosshairs (Because hurricanes obviously = guns, or cannons, or something of the sort, right?)

7 Years after Katrina, NOLA Braces for Isaac (Oh, you should see the bracing going on right now. Nah, you’d just get bored.)

Isaac Takes Aim at New Orleans (At least that one’s more direct. Pun intended.)

So if you’ve never lived through a hurricane before, and you’re wondering what someone like me plans to do on a day like today, I’ll tell you. In ten minutes, I’m leaving the house and heading to work, where I’ll stay for most of the day unless something horrific happens. This evening I’ll come home, make sure the computers, iPad, iPods, phones, cameras, etc are all charged, and start freezing some extra ice cubes just in case. Then I’ll kick back and watch some TV with The Man. Really, that’s all there is to do when it’s only a Category 1 or 2. It’s basically going to be a big thunderstorm with high-ish winds and lots of rain. Blech, I’m already tired of talking about it. Hurricanes suck, but mostly because of the people involved, not the storm itself. Stop freaking out and tackle it as it comes. I survived Katrina, and three other big ones in NC prior to that (involving massive flooding and loss of property, while I was inside said property), and I refuse to let fear ruin a good sunny Monday morning.

Now on to the good parts of my day. I made it to Bikram class this morning, and it was amazing! There were only four students, so the teacher joined in and practiced with us. Since all of us had been practicing for awhile, the teacher didn’t call instructions. Instead, we moved as a group on instinct, and she called ‘Change’ now and then in postures where it would be hard to tell what was happening (like Balancing Stick and Rabbit). It was a great class, a very powerful class, and I was able to meditate much more easily when it was just me correcting myself and not having to listen to all of the instructions.

Oh, my weight was great this morning, as well. I weighed in at 156.4 lbs this morning, so back on track with that. Now I’m hoping that yoga doesn’t get cancelled tomorrow, so I can continue to persevere. If not, maybe my Shaun T’s Rockin’ Body DVDs will come in today so that at least I’ll have something to do inside if it’s raining and I can’t go running.

OK, time to get to work. I’ve still got to turn in my timesheet, and finish up a worksheet I’m working on. Have a great Monday, folks!


Day #17: Inching Along

Oy vey. There’s another hurricane brewing, and people are freaking out. The stores were crazy today, with people rushing to buy up the last of the water, ice, and toilet paper. I’m just exhausted from my day, and not really into writing this blog post, so I’m going to keep it short.

The Man and I went shopping again today, looking for my shoes and also to buy my new cell phone. Since I started my new job, I’ve been in a not-so-great financial spot, and to save money I decided to join The Man’s family cell phone plan. His mom, dad, The Man, and his little brother are on the plan, leaving one open spot that they graciously let me occupy. It’s much cheaper per month than what I’m paying now, and I’ll finally be with a company that has the iPhone, which I’ve wanted for a long time (my phone is for both personal and business use, so it’s a good buy on my part). Unfortunately, part of joining the family plan was losing the phone number that I’ve had for almost 8 years now. The other bad part of the deal is that since The Man’s dad wanted to add me to the plan via a phone call with customer service, I couldn’t get the phone today. It’s being mailed. In any typical situation, that would be OK, but now with a hurricane coming, the mail could take between 3 days and 3 weeks. But, oh well, at least I’ll have it sometime.

As far as shoes go, I did score on a great pair of black patent leather Michael Kors kitten heels. At $39, they were more than I had planned to spend, but they’re the kind of shoes that go with most business outfits and will last years, so I’m pretty happy.


Before going shopping, I did make it to Bikram class this morning, and since I weighed in at 160 earlier and also ate very well today, I’m hoping to be at least 159 tomorrow. We’ll see. Hopefully I’ll be back on track at 156 by Wednesday, and that by then the storm will have also passed us by uneventfully. Cross your fingers!