Losing Weight with Hitch Fit

Just wanted to stop in and leave a little message, a kind of commemoration if you will. A week ago today, I started following a specific diet plan as part of what I’ve called my “soft opening” of a full-scale overhaul of my daily nutrition and exercise. The diet was put together for me specifically by Diane Chaloux of Hitch Fit, and is a pretty simple affair – five meals a day, with close attention to protein vs. carbs vs. fat in each meal. Even though it’s nothing earth shattering, it’s still more than I was ever able to figure out and follow on my own. I typed out every meal on a sheet of paper and put it up on my fridge. I’ve followed it for a week, mostly to the letter but with a few alterations here and there in places where I knew I could substitute a protein source or carb source, etc. Last Sunday I started out my day at 160 lbs. Today I am 153.6 lbs, and I haven’t even started the hard part of the program yet – weight training three days a week and cardio pretty much every day. That starts tomorrow, and I’m ready.

The biggest changes for me on this plan so far have been eating a lot more than I’m used to (weird, right?), avoiding a lot of stress by knowing what I’m going to eat at my next meal, foregoing starchy carbs at dinner (my favorite), and not drinking even the tiniest glass of wine all week. I’m also using this opportunity to work towards cutting out dairy and meat as much as possible, and I haven’t had any kind of cheese or cream-based sauces all week, which is also a really strange thing for me. I do, after all, live to eat brie. But overall it’s been pretty easy. I love the physical experience of eating, and eating until I’m stuffed – with this plan I get to do that, just that now I’m filling up on kale stir fry instead of Cheetos and Diet Coke. I also like not feeling any pressure to go out to lunch, or eat whatever fatty stuff people have brought in to share at work. They all know I’m on a special meal plan, so I don’t have to explain myself or ask forgiveness for not trying out the newest baked goods.

Mostly there’s the fact that I know, and have known, that too much wine and cheese have been my downfall. I used to eat at least a pound of brie a week, sometimes more when I lived in Chicago and hated every single moment of my job. It’s not a huge problem anymore, but it’s a slippery slope. I’m a brie fiend. So for now I’m drawing a hard line in the sand, and avoiding drinking and dairy all together.

My biggest goal right now is to be at least 145 by the time I see my two best friends at the end of the month. I can’t wait to surprise them with a much more fit and focused me. I also can’t wait to use whatever gift certificates I get for the holidays to buy new jeans in a smaller size!